Lenovo Releases Tab E, M and P Series Android Tablets

One tablet for the entire family can be a tough flex. Exactly why it’s time for Lenovo’s bang! Introducing all new tab E, M and P series; Lenovo Tab E7, Tab E8, Tab E10, Tab M10 and Tab P10 tablets, the brand has fulfilled the broad categories of entertainment, portability, and sharing! These tablets are specifically designed to suit an entire family, and it has features that make them user-friendly. Not just the family, they have also included a premium tablet in the series which stands entirely for personalization. Right from affordability to portability, these tablets come in the newest editions offering unique features like shareability among users.

Lenovo Tab E7  Specs and Features

This entry-level tablet is a usability-driven device which gives you enough room and performance for any task functioning you expect. It is worth the buck you shell out because it has an elegance with the 7” and 10.33mm thin design, speedy performance with Android Oreo; which means you get lighter apps and smoother functionality, and long-lasting battery; 5 hours of binge-watching without any hindrance.

Lenovo Tab E8  Price and Availability

This tablet is a multi-user and home-friendly device which has fantastic performance and portability features. Being 8.9mm thin and 320g light, this tablet is perfect for your on-the-go needs. It has an 8-inch HD display which gives you vivid and pixel-precision display quality. The visual experience elevates even more with the crisp and ambient sound quality delivered by Dolby Atmos front speaker. Apart from that, it also gives you 10 hours of video playback with it’s sturdy and long-lasting battery.

Lenovo Tab E10  Know More

This powerful tablet amasses the best of visual and audio experience. It can almost be called as the ultimate cinema book, for it has two front Dolby Atmos speakers with 10” HD display that gives you magical visual quality. Nearly a theatre screening in your backpack. It gets even better when you have impressive response time with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 210 processor, known for it’s faster performance and minimum battery usage.

Lenovo Tab M10  More Details

In respect to the whole series of tablets, this device is the mother-of-all devices with the best of all the features mentioned above. The super combination of portability, sharing, and entertainment makes this a perfect tablet for the family. It has Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-Core 1.8GHz processor which gives it powerful performance on top of dynamic display quality. For display, it gives you 10” HD display with Dolby Atmos support. The optional Kid’s mode with curated content specially updated for children makes it really unique!

Lenovo Tab P10  Specs and Price

Hailing as Lenovo’s flagship Android Tablet, this tablet is for those who have heavy tasks and multi-individual uses with on the tablet. It has a spectacular dual-glass design with narrow bezels and 7mm thin frame making it ultraslim and portable. Also, Lenovo has taken sound quality a notch higher by introducing four speakers with Dolby Atmos which sounds crazy (because it is) as it gives you a theatre-like sound quality and volume compared to other tablets in this series. It also equips an 8MP rear facing and 5MP front facing camera.

The brand’s main push behind introducing these devices as an entire suite is because it enables users to perform tasks with diversity.  You can now afford/buy any tablet in any budget range. Catering to different and unique needs, these tablets are cost-effective and pushes you ahead of the line.

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