HUION Launched 4 New KAMVAS Series Drawing Pen Tablets

HUION is a front-runner ruling the market over a decade now. It has introduced back-to-back tablets at a very affordable price, driving its growth tremendously over the years. Besides general and entertainment purpose tablets, HUION also played a significant role in the drawing tablet category for designers and artists.

You will always come across the name of HUION whenever you’ll plunge into the market while hunting for robust and durable drawing tablet. To add up to the list, HUION recently launched KAMVAS 16 and KAMVAS Pro 16; and upgraded KAMVAS Pro 20 and KAMVAS Pro 22.

KAMVAS 16 and KAMVAS 16 Pro both have 15.6” screen size bended adding anti-glare in the IPS display. Both are the extremely thick and lightweight, enabling users to enjoy their drawing tablets on the go. More so, the pen introduces high precision and accuracy, providing seamless experience to the users for turning their thoughts into reality with this amazing pen. However, you may a find a difference between the express keys as KAMVAS 16 offers 14 express keys and one touch bar, and fortunately all the keys are customizable so that you could maintain better efficiency while drawing.

Huion Kamvas 16 and Kamvas Pro 16 are available on Amazon for pre-order.

Whereas, HUION KAMVAS 16 Pro offers only 6 express keys and single touch bar, eliminating messiness in the design of the tablet. Even here, all the keys are customizable as per your habits. Pens in the tablet are battery-free, so the pain of charging your stylus is out from the list.

KAMVAS Pro 20 and KAMVAS Pro 22 are quite different in terms of screen size- KAMVAS 20 Pro is 19.53” and KAMVAS 22 Pro is 21.5” along with great thickness and lightweight. More so, KAMVAS 20 Pro introduces 16 express keys that are customizable along with two touch bars, whereas KAMVAS 22 Pro introduced 20 customizable keys and two touch bars.

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Both are equipped with intuitive pens that offer tilt recognition as well and are battery-free. Similar two other two products, even these two tablets provide you with anti-glare screen, making your viewing experience amazing at the same protecting your eyes from harmful rays of the screen. HUION also provide users with some exciting accessories in all the 4 series of KAMVAS Drawing tablets.

The series available on the website of HUION for pre-order, you can visit the official website of the company and explore the features in details. Being a designer or artist, choosing your tablet wisely is vital as it will play a crucial role in your career. So jot down you requirements with regards to screen size and pen and purchase the right tablet. Besides this, the prices of the tablets also vary as per their features.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the official website of HUION and place your order from these 4 flagship products that absolutely meets your requirement and worth the value. Stay tuned for more updates on the same!

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