HUION Kamvas Pro 16 Review: The Best 15.6″ Graphics Display Tablet

In June 2019, Huion released yet another amazing graphics display tablet with the aim of providing a new and improved device to the graphic creators and add another deserving name to its impressive portfolio. It is named HUION Kamvas Pro 16 and is basically an improvisation and bigger version of the earlier version known as Kamvas Pro 13.

HUION Kamvas Pro 16

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HD display with superb clarity and high resolution

HUION Kamvas Pro 16’s entirely laminated high definition screen is 15.6” in size. The size is just perfect for the vivid representation of every single detail that is displayed on the screen. The screen size is ideal and gives users the needed satisfaction with regard to space when navigating around it.

Display of Kamvas Pro 16

1920 x 1080 screen resolution of the device provides it with the exact brightness and screen clarity that is required to support excellent display. From all viewing angles, right from -89° to +89°, viewers can enjoy the same quality of flawless visual effects across the 178° wide viewing range in this graphics tablet. And the true natural feel and hues of the images are maintained throughout.

Designed for Comfort and Creativity – User-friendly

It is also easy to be taken along owing to its simplicity of designing, compactness and light weight. It is just 11.5mm in its thickness, and weighs around 1.35 kg, thereby sporting a sleek appearance. It is all in black in the front and although the screen has a matte effect, the slim rim around the screen glistens to add to the overall dynamic look.

The rear part has a silver look and the back cover is made of aluminum alloy, providing good durability. It can be easily carried and used in outdoor setting, thereby allowing the users to provide more elements for creative imaginations and produce them on the screen of this amazing tablet. Thus, it offers great mobility. Its designing has also been kept simple to assist easy operation and handling.

Design of Kamvas Pro 16

It is user friendly in the sense that it is meant to be easily used by both left handed users and right handed users. Also there are 6 programmable keys on the panel, distributed evenly on both sides of a navigation touch bar. In addition to the 6 programmable keys, there is a power button and a function button that is used to access the on screen menu.

More richness to the display screen

Another unique reason behind the superb display quality of KAMVAS Pro 16 graphic display tablet is that 120% sRGB brings 16.7 million colors, thereby presenting better effects of colors and shades for more accurate and exquisite presentation of images and videos across the screen. Also the AG matte finish glass of the screen reflects great clarity and also provides for improved real pen-on-paper like feel while working on the screen.

The screen also comes with full lamination crafts that allow the cursor on the LCD screen to follow the nib movement tightly without any parallax. This helps in making the entire creative experience with the tablet to be more accurate and enhancing.

About its Digital Pen – PW507 – Artistic incline

HUION Kamvas Pro 16 is developed with the idea of imparting superior comfort and smoothness to digital creativity and it digital pen PW507 is thoughtfully designed to give shape to this idea. The stylus is developed with battery-free technology.

Hence, there is no need to worry about charging it or its charge running out. Its 8192 level of pressure sensitivity and ±60° tilt technology allows the users to take the pleasure of high level of accuracy in all their creations. Varying pressures actually reflects varying strokes and lines, thereby adding more substance to the drawings by the way of highlighting every single transition.

Performance of Kamvas Pro 16

266PPS report rate of Kamvas Pro 16 further confirms the fact that this device is meant to provide its users with the ultimate experience of extreme smoothness of drawing. The rubber hold of the pen gives it the right gripping and its weight is also just perfect. The pen comes with a pen stand that is meant for keeping the pen safe and proper when not in use. There are 10 numbers of replacement nibs provided with the pen to help the artists better. And there is also a metal nib remover included in the pen stand.

What is in the box?

On purchasing this graphic display tablet, buyers will get the following on unpacking the premium box,

  • Drawing tablet
  • PW507 Stylus
  • Pen Stand
  • International power adapter
  • Shortcut stickers for the keys
  • 3 in 1 Cable
  • Drawing glove
  • Fiber cloth to wipe the screen
  • User manual and Thank you Card
  • Warranty Card
  • 10 Nib replacements and a nib remover


  • Great features at affordable price
  • Great display quality that is soothing to the eyes
  • Supports free and spontaneous pen movement to allow artists required flow without any lags
  • Great device for drawing and animation
  • Ergonomic designing helps increase utility and adds to the overall performance
  • Good number of useful accessories are provided on purchase of the product


  • The programmable keys are placed very close to the power button and might lead to mixing of buttons sometimes.
  • The size of the wire of the 3-in-1 cable is short

To enable graphically involved artists to pull out maximum from the tablet, it is made compatible with most major drawing software and platforms like Windows 7 or later versions and also Mac OS 10.12 and latest versions.

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