Wacom Released All-New Cintiq Pro 27 Pen Display

wacom launches new cintiq pro 27

Wacom is all set to revolutionize the workflow of individual digital artists and creators on a global scale with the new Cintiq Pro 27 pen display. Designed with the next-gen pen and touch technology, the device is equipped with a high-quality screen and color performance like no other.

The best thing that puts the Wacom Cintiq Pro 27 pen display apart from the competitors is the fact that the device is developed by the members from the global art and design community alongside Wacom’s product development team.

The device is ideal for 2D illustrators, 3D modelers, animators, virtual product professionals, game developers and any creative professional under those categories. Paired with improved pen performance and an ergonomic design, Wacom has focused on comfort of the users, especially with respect to the visual entity.

Besides the performance, Wacom has also designed the Cintiq Pro 27 pen display with a premium and modern appearance, especially focusing on the portability of the model. The 27” Cintiq Pro is a successor to the bestselling Cintiq Pro 16 and Cintiq Pro 24 models.

wacom cintiq pro 27

Optimal customization experience

Compared to the previous launches, the new Cintiq Pro 27 features a lot of improvement in terms of the pen on screen experience, thanks to the Pro Pen 3.

Not just that, the users now have complete control and autonomy to switch up the center of gravity, barrel size and the weight of the pen, something that’s extremely unique to this model.

Also, the extended degree of customization with the pen allows the users to align their tools based on their individual work components, which is again a benefit. It also contributes to a more natural feeling digital input session.

Another new feature that will optimize user experience is the Wacom’s exclusive EMR (Electro-Magnetic Resonance) with 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity and battery-free operation. Since you don’t have to worry about running out of battery ever, it is ideal to save you a lot of time.

Integrated with multi-touch function, the Cintiq Pro 27 is accommodating to every artists’ needs. Also, it features a 10-point selective touch that allows better precision and manipulation of the work on the device.

Stunning display

Moving on from the customization and performance, the next thing worth considering in the Cintiq Pro 27 is the stunning and vivid display.

The 27” display features no parallax and very minimal latency with 120Hz refresh rate for the ultimate usability. The display is also equipped with HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) and the PQ (Perceptual Quantization) curve for easy editing of varying visual content.

Furthermore, the display supports 4K resolution, 98% DCI-P3 and 99% Adobe RGB color accuracy to ensure that the final product of the artist’s creation is to their liking. The only downside is that the display isn’t Pantone-validated. Instead, it is Pantone SkinTone validated, making it more refined for the artists.

Also, the edge-to-edge etched glass surface makes the most out of the display panel, providing easy control and precision to the glide of the pen on the screen.

Easy access to software

When you are an artist, content creator or editor, having access to all the best software is crucial. Buying each and every subscription can be damaging to one’s bank account.

That’s where the Wacon Cintiq Pro 27 comes into play. Some of the leading apps and software, including Adobe, Autodesk, Corel, Pixologic and the Foundry are compatible with the device.

Besides that, the users get free access and trials to a handful of important software for content creation, video production and editing, adding to the benefits.

Pricing and availability

The Wacon Cintiq Pro 27 is available at a starting price of $3,499.95 and is available to buy at Wacom eStore now.

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