Victbing V10W 10-inch Android Tablet Review

Victbing V10W 10-inch cheap tablet

What is $69 for you? For eating burgers or contributing to your friends’ party and a lot more! What if I say you can buy a smart tablet at this price? Surprised! Yes, you heard it right, Victbing V10W is a new tablet launched in the market offering great features at such a less price. … Read more

Victbing V07G 7-inch 3G Tablet Review

Victbing V07G 7-inch 3G tablet

Victbing introduces V07G, a 7-inch 3G tablet which works excellently with any 2G or 3G network and can be used for any routine tasks, enjoying videos, or surfing the web. Dual Sim card options enable users to connect with any 2G GSM and 3G WCDMA network. A slim and sleek profile is comfortable on the … Read more

Victbing V10B Android Tablet Review

Victbing V10B Android Tablet

Tablet and Smartphones are getting very popular among a new generation of technology users because they can get laptop type functionality in a quite compact size. The Victbing V10B android tablet is a pretty new player in the tablet segment. You can perform your daily routine tasks, enjoy movies, games, and videos on this tablet … Read more