Juniper Systems All-New Mesa Pro Rugged Tablet is Now Available

juniper systems mesa pro rugged tablet is now available to buy

Back in August 2022, Juniper Systems had launched its all-new performance-packed 10-inch Windows rugged tablet – Mesa Pro and it’s available now to buy as per latest announcement by the company. Mesa Pro is built for powerful processing and can operate in the field in any condition. This rugged tablet features a unique and robust … Read more

Juniper Systems Launches New Cedar CT8X2 Rugged Tablet

juniper systems launches cedar ct8x2

Juniper Systems Limited has introduced Cedar CT8X2 rugged tablet recently to meet the needs of on-field use. It differs from its consumer variant in terms of its ruggedness. The new tablet retains the functionality and ruggedness of its predecessor tab CT8 in the Cedar series of devices. When on the field, simply a high-end computing … Read more

Juniper Systems Launched Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet

Juniper Systems Mesa 3

There has been a very recent addition to the impressive list of ergonomically designed, ultra-rugged tablets by Juniper System – Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet. This device is developed with the idea of providing more functional and operational superiority to users while retaining the basic goodness of Mesa 2 rugged tablet. This, like other tablets from … Read more