Lenovo Launches Xiaoxin Pad Pro in China

lenovo launches xiaoxin pad pro

Lenovo, the largest PC manufacturer and the biggest budget tablet maker, launched its flagship tablet, YOGA Tab 13 on May 5th, 2021. With the pandemic boosting the requirement of capable devices for user’s content consumption and e-learning needs. Thus, the upcoming tablets are equipped with specifications and features catering to these needs. Xiaoxin Pad Pro … Read more

Google Introduces ‘Entertainment Space’ For Android Tablets

google introduces entertainment space for android tablets

Android OS running tablets have been slugging behind the iPads from the Cupertino tech giant, Apple. While as an OS for tablets, Google may have the lead with Android, but Apple’s iPad still has a market share of over 32% (in 2020). Furthermore, the lack of rivaling capacity to Apple’s vastly superior and features-dominating iPad … Read more

Advantech Launches AIM-75S Industrial Tablet

advantech launches aim-75s

We all know that Advantech is one of the leading providers of IoT intelligence-based industrial systems and solutions. It has recently made the official announcement about the soon-to-be-launched efficient industrial tablet, AIM-75S in May 2021. It will be the latest addition to the Advantech AIM Series and will encompass the latest technologies to perform as … Read more

Amazon Launches New Fire Tablets 2021

amazon launches new fire tablets 2021

Amazon comes up again with the beast of tablets. The all-new Amazon Fire tablets series for 2021 is here with the same affordable price range. The price has been kept competitive to make sure everyone can own one. It also comes with Microsoft office 365 so that your office work stays on track with your entertainment. The … Read more