JBL Innovates On-the-Go Audio with Six Cutting-Edge Headphone Models Unveiled at CES 2024

JBL unveils new headphones at ces 2024

JBL is one of the best audio brands to deliver good audio quality at a decent price. They also offer one of the most extensive headphones range in the market. If you are a JBL fan, you should be excited as the brand has taken the spotlight at CES 2024 by introducing six new and enhanced headphone models designed to redefine the on-the-go listening experience.

These headphones, spanning the Tune and Live series, bring state-of-the-art features, extended battery life, and immersive sound technologies, catering to the needs of individuals with active lifestyles.

Let’s look at all the new announcements and headphones from JBL and what they bring to the table.

Evolution in Sound: Upgraded JBL Tune Series

First up, we will be talking about the JBL Tune series. This is a fan-favorite series because of the stunning audio quality.

The renowned JBL Tune series, celebrated for its robust and clear audio delivery, undergoes a significant transformation with the unveiling four upgraded models.

First up, we have the wireless on-ear headphones, JBL Tune 520BT. This headphone now boasts an impressive battery life of up to 57 hours and an additional 3 hours with just a 5-minute charge.

Featuring the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology, these headphones seamlessly transition between devices, ensuring a smooth shift from work to play.

Next, we have the on-ear headphones in the series, JBL Tune 670NC. These headphones take center stage with adaptive noise canceling, offering an extended battery life of up to 70 hours. The Ambient Aware and TalkThru features provide uninterrupted audio experiences, and Bluetooth 5.3 with LE connects to two devices simultaneously, offering unparalleled flexibility.

For over-ear enthusiasts, we have the JBL Tune 720BT. These headphones now offer 76 hours of battery life. JBL says that they emphasize reliability between work and leisure. Then, the Bluetooth 5.3 technology provides high-quality, wireless streaming, while user-friendly buttons on the earcup allow instant volume control and call management.

Finally, the JBL Tune 770NC over-ear headphones echo these features with the added bonus of adaptive noise-canceling technology.

All new Tune series headphones will be available on JBL.com in March 2024, promising to redefine portable audio experiences.

Here are the pricing details for these headphones:

ModelPrice(in USD)
JBL Tune 520BT49.95
JBL Tune 670NC99.95
JBL Tune 720BT79.95
JBL Tune 770NC129.95

Innovation Meets Personalization: Introducing JBL Live Series

Next up, we have some new headphone launches as well. The two new headphones, JBL Live 670NC and JBL Live 770NC will be additions to the JBL Live series.

These headphones are unique as they introduce True Adaptive Noise Cancelling with Smart Ambient technology.

These wireless on-ear and over-ear headphones take personalization to the next level with HARMAN’s advanced Personi-Fi 2.0 technology. The best part is that users can easily access it through the JBL Headphones app. This innovation enables users to create custom sound experiences tailored to individual preferences.

The JBL Live 670NC on-ear headphones have an impressive battery life of up to 65 hours without ANC activation and up to 50 hours with ANC, making them ideal for extended use. Then, the JBL Live 770NC over-ear headphones boast similar features, emphasizing crystal-clear communication, two beamforming microphones, and auto-play & pause functionality.

Both Live series headphones will be available on JBL.com in March 2024, promising a perfect blend of advanced audio technology and personalized listening experiences. Here are the pricing details for the headphones:

ModelPrice(in USD)
JBL Live 670NC129.95
JBL Live 770NC199.95

Setting Trends: Style, Substance, and Unmatched Audio

JBL has always been a reliable and good brand for everyday users. Their sound quality is good, and the prices are always decent. With these new upgrades and launches, they are offering more options to the users which is excellent.

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