Focal Unveils Aria Evo X: Elevating the Art of High-Fidelity Audio

focal unveils aria evo x

If we talk about premium audio brands, Focal will always be among the top on everyone’s list. Apart from the stunning sound quality, their attention to detail and craftsmanship is what sets them apart.

The brand doesn’t launch many devices, but when it does, it makes sure to do it right. This time, Focal is taking a big step in high-fidelity audio with the launch of the Aria Evo X, a reinvigoration of their iconic Aria line.

Building on the success of the Aria 900 range, which has dominated the market for a decade, the Aria Evo X introduces revamped technologies and a striking new Moss Green High Gloss finish, delivering an unparalleled blend of exquisite sound and contemporary design.

It is a sophisticated speaker with many fine details, so let’s take a look at what it’s all about!

A Decade of Sonic Mastery: Aria Evo X

With five speakers of stunning quality, the Aria Evo X appeals to both home cinema and music lovers with discriminating preferences. The towering N°2, N°3, and N°4 floor standing loudspeakers, the immersive Aria Evo X Center designed for home theater, and the small Aria Evo X N°1 bookshelf model all perfectly capture the essence of the Aria philosophy—an immersive listening experience that combines expressive audio with accessibility.

focal aria evo x lineup

Just like its predecessor, the Aria 900, the Aria Evo X promises a listening experience that is expressive and accessible in terms of performance, embodying the purest essence of the Aria philosophy.

Focal’s Sonic Expertise

Focal’s commitment to sonic excellence is evident in the Aria Evo X’s technological innovations. The ‘M’-shaped inverted dome TAM tweeter is at the heart of these loudspeakers. It is the successor to the TNF tweeter and is designed to reproduce trebles more faithfully across a wider spectrum.

The midrange employs TMD (Tuned Mass Damper) technology in its surroundings to stabilize behavior, reduce distortion, and ensure perfectly balanced dynamics. Then, the ‘M’ shape of the dome, another innovation from Focal, extends high-frequency reproduction up to 30kHz.

While there are many other woofers in the market, it is good to see that Focal’s engineers have redefined the magnet to enhance bass impact, elevating the listening experience. Furthermore, the crossovers have undergone meticulous rework, incorporating superior components to achieve an optimal loudspeaker balance.

Moss Green High Gloss Finish for Aesthetics

For any premium audio brand, the design and attention to detail are as important as the sound quality, and Focal is no different.

Beyond the superior sound quality, Focal introduces a Moss Green High Gloss finish, a contemporary addition to the timeless Black High Gloss and Prime Walnut options. The deep green hue and high gloss varnish breathe vibrancy into the loudspeakers. Complemented by leather-effect front panels, each finish becomes a statement of sophistication. This is what premium is all about excellent sound quality combined with stunning aesthetics.

The Return of the Iconic Flax Cone

Returning to the spotlight is the iconic flax cone, a signature feature of the Aria line since its debut in 2013. Crafted from French flax fiber, this cone resonates with natural, uncolored sound. Whether reproducing rich midrange tones or delivering clear bass strokes, the flax cone creates an immersive listening experience. Its legacy extends beyond the Aria Evo X, finding a place in various Focal products, from integrated loudspeakers to car audio kits and professional sound monitors.

Just like with everything, Focal has once again launched stunning speakers. Not only do they excel in terms of sound quality, they are also stunning aesthetically. If you are someone who wants to add a touch of luxury to your home, these speakers are a good option. Regarding availability, Focal says that the new Aria Evo X will be available starting January 2024. Focal has not given any pricing details for the speaker, but they will be quite expensive.

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