OnePlus Pad is available for $479: Does it Fair Well Against an iPad?

oneplus pad

OnePlus has finally unveiled and officially announced their brand-new Android tablet, OnePlus Pad. The tablet, which is priced at $479 will be available for pre-orders starting April 28, 2023 and comes with a variety of accessories at an additional price.

A previous blind sale of the product went up on April 10, 2023, which allowed a limited number of users to reserve their individual spots in line to receive the upcoming slot.

The interested consumers had to spare $99 for booking the slot without even realizing how much the tablet would be worth.

Now that OnePlus has finally revealed the price point and the device is set to hit the market pretty soon, the question that people have is, “Does the new Android tablet fair against iPads?”

Is the Android-powered OnePlus Pad a Competitor against Apple’s iPad?

OnePlus recently revealed that their upcoming Android tablet, OnePlus Pad will be priced at $479 and will start shipping out May 08.

Compared to the iPad Air 5, the OnePlus Pad costs $150 less. The Android tablet costs $20 less than the iPad 2022 model. So, when it comes to comparing the prices, the OnePlus Pad is leading the scoreboard.

The tablet market is primarily dominated by Apple and the remainder is picked up by Samsung and their range of tablets.

But the real test comes with the product specifications and features. So, let’s get that straightened out, shall we?

Superior display and stunning visuals

Featuring the world’s first 7:5 ratio display, OnePlus calls it the “ReadFit.” Featuring a squarer display, the Android tablet contributes to a seamless reading experience of the users.

Not just that, the screen is ergonomically designed to offer maximum tactile comfort, especially when navigating from one app to the next.

Furthermore, it features an 11.6” IPS LCD display with 144Hz refresh rate. Compared to an iPad, which features a 4:3 ratio screen, OnePlus Pad is definitely going to be a lot more comfortable to use.

Powerful processor and efficiency

The OnePlus Pad is powered by MediaTek Dimensity 9000 chipset, which based on Arm’s latest V9 architecture. While the device is definitely doing the rounds in the form factor, we can’t deny that it fairs well in the performance part too.

Although a little off topic, the OnePlus Pad features an all aluminum chassis with a brushed metal finish, which complements the stunning Halo Green color it is available in.

Furthermore, the tablet is integrated with 67W SUPERVOOC, which offers fast charging and prolonged battery. No longer will you have to worry about looking for charging cables around the house – every few hours.

Backed with Battery Health Engine, the OnePlus Pad’s charging is a lot safer and user-friendly as well.

Effortless connectivity

Moving ahead, while Apple’s iPad downplays on the ports and physical connectivity part, OnePlus Pad makes up for it.

Besides a series of I/O ports, including USB Type-C, the tablet also features Auto Connect, which allows seamless connectivity with nearby devices with a tap of a button.

Augmented audio output

With most tablets, audio output remains a concern. Some feature too low volume while the others lack the clarity that the users are consistently on the lookout for.

OnePlus has integrated their tablet with Omnibearing Sound Field technology, with amplified speakers that contribute to enhanced audio quality and optimum sound without any compromise.

Furthermore, the OnePlus Pad pairs with a bunch of accessories, including a $149 magnetic keyboard case, a $99 stylus, and a $39 folio case.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a mid-range ($479) tablet with features and hardware that competes against the likes of iPad Pro and Samsung Tab S8, the OnePlus Pad is a pretty great competitor.

With this being OnePlus’ first Android tablet launch, they have managed to pack the device with all the advanced features and technology that you’d need to stay productive and work on the go.

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