Panasonic Unveils Next-Gen TOUGHBOOK 55 Mk3

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 55 Mk3

Laptops have truly changed the way people work in many industries. However, some industries require laptops to be tough and rugged. Well, Panasonic makes some good, rigged laptops. Recently, Panasonic Connect North America has rolled out the latest version of its semi-rugged laptop, the TOUGHBOOK 55 Mk3, aiming to revolutionize the tools available to mission-critical … Read more

LG’s New webOS Hub 2.0S is Here

LG webOS Hub 2.0S

LG makes some of the best smart TVs in the game. They have superior-quality displays and a very intuitive UI. LG’s webOS smart TV operating system plays a big role in that. Well, now the brand has announced its latest innovation, the webOS Hub 2.0S. What started as a game-changer for smart TVs in September … Read more

TP-Link Tapo Unveils Cutting-Edge Home Security with Tapo C120

TP-Link Tapo Unveils C120 Home Security Camera

For those who don’t know, Tapo is a sub-brand of the popular brand TP-Link. The sub-brand is more focused on smart home and other accessories. The brand has recently unveiled its latest gem, the Tapo C120 Indoor/Outdoor Home Security Camera. When we have so many home security cameras available in the market, let’s see what … Read more

Samsung Unveils T5 Evo Portable SSD with up to 8TB Capacity

Samsung Unveils T5 EVO Portable SSD

Samsung Electronics recently launched the portable Solid State Drive (SSD) T5 EVO. It’s a weightless device that offers around 8 TB of storage; the massive storage space is present in the SSD market for USBs. The system is reliable for people searching to move from HDDs to SSDs. Including this, the T5 EVO opts for … Read more