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Lenovo is coming up with a new Chrome OS tablet in 2020

While many people are thinking that it is the end of Chrome OS tablets after Google publicly announced that it will not anymore create tablets post-failure of the Pixel Slate, Lenovo is trying to keep the market alive that Google just quit. Lenovo is trying its hands on developing a new Chrome OS tablet and they are looking for volunteers to test the beta version before they release the product in 2020.

The buzz started after a Reddit thread that surfaced on the Chrome OS sub forum asking users to volunteer for testing some Chrome OS tablets. It is believed that a Lenovo employee published the post on Reddit issuing test units for the latest Chrome OS tablet with the option for volunteers to keep the unit even after the trial period of two weeks before they would give their feedback to Lenovo.

Reportedly, the post was removed after enough submissions had been entered. It was confirmed that the email sent to the volunteers to test out the units was from Lenovo.com’s email address. The user who posted the requirement was actually representing Lenovo.

All those who put their name to volunteer as beta testers for the new Chrome OS tablet received a new email stating that they will receive notifications from within a week regarding the testing of the new tablet and that if they are no selected, they will be definitely the first preference if there are any new products to test. Moreover, it is also stated that all the participants need to sign up for a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) because any information regarding the new Chrome OS tablet cannot be disclosed.

Is it “Kodama”, a MediaTek-powered Chrome OS tablet?

While there were no specs leaks, there is strong evidence that suggests that this new Chrome OS tablet from Lenovo will be Kodama – a MediaTek-powered Chrome OS tablet. In the past couple of months, details of the first ARM-powered detachable Chrome OS tablet have surfaced and it is Lenovo that will bring this new technology to the market.

It is believed that new line of Chrome OS tablets will boast a whole host of extended features like pen support, fingerprint, face scan, and more.

According to people over the internet, the latest Chrome tablets might start selling soon beginning from the first month of the New Year.

People over the internet are excited over the fact that they might be seeing the new line of Chrome OS tablets within the next few weeks with Lenovo expected to launch first.

Although it is a bit sad knowing that these tablets won’t be hitting the shelves this holiday season, people are confident that the New Year is going to bring in a new age of Chrome OS products starting with the tablets.

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