KODAMA and KUKUI may be the two upcoming Chrome OS tablets

Chrome OS tablets are the very new addition in the list of looked-for, user friendly mobile computing devices and are gaining in popularity. Here we will be discussing about two specific upcoming Chrome OS tablets, whose reference has been very recently found in the repository files. The two upcoming tablets that we will be discussing here are Kodama and Kukui.


Recently, about a month ago, Kodama was added to the Chromium repository and now more details are coming up. As could be understood from the details revealed so far and as also mentioned in Chrome Unboxed, Kodama may be the very first ARM-powered detachable Chromebook tablet. To help all gather some more valuable information about the OS tablet, Gabriel Brangers has dug deeper into the repository files to reveal all that is possible about the other important features and specification of Kodama Chrome OS Tablet. Doing so, he found 10.1″ 1920×1200 panel that might reflect 450 nits of brightness according to the model number. This is likely to give Kodama a status similar to that of ASUS Flip C100 and C101.

Now coming to Kukui, the inputs that we get from Robby Payne in his article in Chrome Unboxed, is very useful. In it, he mentions that he noticed a commit that revealed about some unique and interesting features about Kukui. The author writes that, as he could understand from the commit that Kukui will definitely be a tablet fitted with unique display that will leave all excited.

Some of the important features of Kodama as revealed

  • MediaTek MT8183 Octa-Core SoC will power Kodama.
  • It is going to have similarity with ASUS Transformer series or HP Pavilion x2.
  • Digging deeper into the same commit, Gabriel Brangers found a file named “kodama/base_detect_kodama.c.” that confirms to the tablet being detachable in form. Recent changes that are noticed to ‘Kodama’s’ code also clearly indicated that it will be a detachable tablet.

Some of the important features of Kukui as revealed

  • It is believed that Kukui will be having P097PFZ display panel. After searching for the model number, Robby Payne concludes that Kukui will be having the same screen that is there for Acer Chromebook Tab 10. Thus, it is a great advantage because this screen is 9.7 inches with high quality brightness. Its 2048×1536 panel with 400 nits will surely be the main attraction for this device.
  • Even though the display is similar, but Kukui promises upgraded performance than the Acer tablet. It is likely to be powered by MediaTek 8183 and thus can assure much better performance than Rockchip RK3399 powered Acer tablet.

The release and final launch of these two tablets are eagerly awaited. They will add value to the overall Chrome OS tablet series that are sure to rule the digital market owing to their simplicity, high performance and affordability.

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