HUION launched HS64 Special Edition drawing tablet in collab with CHIPS&CO

So here’s the news breaking all your speculations concerning HUION’s latest product in drawing tablets. On 1st July 2019, HUION launched the all new HS64 Special Edition drawing tablet in collaboration with CHIPS & Co. This announcement has flabbergasted HUION fans, increasing their curiosity to purchase this tablet. This special edition is completely groundbreaking, competing huge drawing tablet brands in the market.

Design of Huion HS64 Special Edition

The tablet design is very cool, which follows the theme of this innovative amalgamation that include black and yellow combination along with the cartoon face of banana in the bottom that seems to be quite angry. HUION HS64 Special Edition drawing tablet is 8mm thick and extremely lightweight, which is 0.56lbs that makes you feel like you’re holding a notebook in the hand.

The display is also large with some dots in between that enable it offer great sensitivity. The tablet also offers 4 customized express keys so that artist and designers would stay flexible whether they are righty or lefty. All these features prove that HUION HS64 Special Edition drawing tablet is very handy and user-friendly, supporting on the go artists more.

Android Compatible Huion HS64 Special Edition

Besides this, HUION HS64 Special Edition drawing tablet is all set to offer something distinctive from other brands, which is the support to Android devices. Isn’t it shocking? Traditionally all the drawing tablets were Mac OS and Windows supported, but introducing Android operating system in this race, HUION has set its brand apart from others in the market.


This innovation is immensely useful for artists and designers who are always on the go. They don’t have to switch to desktop for viewing their images on a bigger screen, now they can view their creativity on their mobile device as well, no matter whether they’re using Android or MacOS or Windows.

Next is the most crucial aspect of any drawing tablet- the pen. The pen in this newly launched drawing tablet boasts battery-free electromagnet resonance that enable users to create anything they want without worrying about the battery life. More so, this high-tech pen offer 8192 pressure level that enhances the sensitivity, allowing you to create designs or draw on the surface flawlessly and with great ease. The Chips & Co ensures that accuracy and consistency is well maintained, so it offers 266pps report rate that enable it to achieve so, delivering great creations without any hassle.

In a nutshell, HUION has done an amazing job by collaborating with Chips & Co, which has not only improved the overall performance of the tablet, but has also given a unique and aesthetic design. HUION HS64 Special Edition drawing tablet also offer some helpful accessories that every designer or artists might require while pursuing their creativity on this huge tablet. The tablet is available for orders on its official website and on amazon that too at a very reasonable price.

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