Honor Launches Tablet 6 and X6 in China

Honor is the sub-brand of Huawei and it has created a huge fan-base through its ultimate gadgets. From mobile phones to laptops, it has marked the golden presence in the industry. Honor announces Android Tablet 6 and X6 in China. This latest pair of tablets is affordable and appealing as well.

Before moving ahead, here are a few similarities between the two, Tablet 6 and X6 –

  • LCD panels
  • 5100 mAh battery (charge over USB-C)
  • Android 10
  • Kirin 710A platform
  • Mali G51 GPU
  • Dual speaker setups
  • 5 megapixels camera
  • 2 megapixels selfie camera
  • 3GB / 4GB RAM
  • 32GB / 64GB / 128GB internal storage
  • microSD card insertion available up to 512GB

Apart from all the similarities, there is a slight difference in their display –

Honor Tablet 6

Honor Tablet 6

  • It has a 10.4-inch QXGA display. Honor Tablet 6 comes with a 1920×1200 pixel resolution.
  • The cost starts for Wi-Fi only 3/32GB trim version is 1299 yuan, which is equal to Rs. 13,955.
  • The top line LTE model with 18GB of storage and 4GB of RAM will range up to 1899 yuan.
  • The first is expected to start on July 28.
  • Starry Sky Gray and Mint Green options are available.

Honor Tablet 6X

Honor Tablet X6

  • With 1280×800 pixel resolution, Honor Tablet 6X shows a 9.7-inch display.
  • For the 3/32 GB Wi-Fi only version, the device will cost 1099 yuan.
  • For the 3/32 GB version, the cost may go up to 1199 yuan.
  • It is disclosed that the sales of Honor Tablet 6X will start in August but for China only. No information on international availability is yet discussed.
  • Mint Green color is the only option available as of now.

Among all the similarities and uniqueness of both the entries, Honor has truly created benchmarks. The tablet 6 series has become more special with these two tremendous entries. Honor Tablet 6 and X6 support the Honor Magic-Pencil stylus. This feature is making the tablets unique and stylish as well. Both are having pre-installed apps like Children’s Paradise and Huawei Education Center.

These tablets have additional features like e-reading mode, eye protection mode, and kids’ mode, etc. The LTE version of the tablets supports a single Nano SIM card. Many technical specifications can mark Tablet 6 and X6 separately. In fact, they both do differ from each other in many terms. They both are going hit the market under one umbrella name that is Honor.

The pre-bookings for both Tablet 6 and Tablet X6 have started in China. Neither the global availability not the global pricing is disclosed yet. At the initial phase, Wi-Fi and LTE versions are available only, although many other varieties are still awaited in terms of storage and all. Honor Tablet 6 has some features whereas Tablet X6 also possesses many in similar. Honor Tablet X6 is coming with features that Tablet 6 also has, it has just given it some tweaks to perform better as well as different.

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