Early reports on Galaxy Tab S8/S8+ indicate minor upgrades over previous models

Over the last few years, Samsung has produced some of the most amazing tablets with excellent feature-sets and design capabilities. They are continuing to build on that tablet legacy with two new flagship models. The Galaxy Tab S8/S8+ is expected to launch in the second half of the year, but the first impressions/specs regarding the hardware components have already emerged.

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When we look back at the Tab S7 and S7+ tablets, we initially thought Samsung had finally done it and created a tablet that could compete with Apple’s iPad Air or Pro model, but it lacked some aspects of user experience. With Tab S8 and S8+, we will likely witness a better overall experience by adding a new processor and other minor upgrades.

A new Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset is being introduced with these flagship tablets, and it is proven to increase the performance by at least 25 percent. The 888 SoC processor also promises better graphics rendering than its previous generation. Few major tasks like AI processing or data transfers can now be executed at a much faster rate.

As the processor supports up to 16GB of RAM, Samsung decided to upgrade its RAM capacity to 12GB, so users will now have two different variants. The extra memory can save much time in downloading and uploading operations, so if the price point is close to its previous models, then you can go for the high-end variant.

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A Youtuber named The Galox has mentioned more about the display and storage specifications in his recent video. He highlights no changes to the design, and we will see higher refresh rates in both Tab S8/S8+. In terms of storage, the tablet is likely to adopt three options: 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. These are available on both flagship models.

Samsung seems not to have changed any display configurations from last year’s models. The Galaxy Tab S8 comes with an 11-inch LCD-based display, while the better variant, S8+, comes with a 12.4-inch AMOLED display. The best part about their displays is that now both support a 120Hz refresh rate.

Another interesting possibility for the Galaxy series eight tablets is One UI 3.1. Samsung has launched their latest user interface based on Android 11 on their latest S21 and S7 series, so we can expect to see the same feature like Second-Screen and Auto-Switch on Tab S8/S8+. The new interface with upgraded processors means users will increase their productivity and device flexibility.

In terms of security, Samsung will use a side-mounted and in-display fingerprint reader for S8 and S8+ flagship tablets, respectively. The battery performance has also observed minor upgrades in both tablets. The smaller version comes with an 8000mAh battery, while the S8+ is equipped with a 10090mAh battery. They also have fast-charging capabilities, but some sources indicate that it will only be a 25 W charger, which is a serious downgrade from a 45W fast-charger.

The stylus support is going nowhere, so the S pen will be available for both tablets. All of this is still a speculation, so we cannot confirm whether these specifications are legit or not. However, Tab S8 will indeed observe only minor changes, and no design revamp will be present for this year. Samsung’s true intentions will be on display in a couple of months, so stay tuned for our next update with full details on series eight tablets.

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