Chrome OS 84 is offering a new experience to the users

Chromebox and Chromebook users are enjoying the ultimate performance of these devices. Google has filled its gadgets with ace-level perfections of performance. This is the time when Google is rolling out with Chrome OS 84. Chrome OS 84 is the new operating system version that performs with these gadgets. The Linux users got the ultimate opportunity of using these features with new Chrome OS 84.

The new features of Chrome OS 84 enable the users to perform many tasks that were previously mere dreams. Users may receive the updates in their device to bring all the new features with the latest release. Once the device gets updated to the new version and adopts all the novel features, users can notice a list of changes. These changes will surely affect the performance of the device. Here is a sneak peek into the visual features;

The enhanced overview mode

The quick overview mode enables the users to drag a window from the left to the right edge. This movement can be done swiftly to set up a split-screen view. The users can drag the windows from display while in the overview mode.

Snap with volume buttons

Taking pictures become so easy with the usage of volume buttons. One can click an image by pressing the up or down volume button. Since the feature is only available for tablet mode now, it can be used for Chromebook in its tablet mode. The video recording can also be started and stopped through these buttons.

Video on Chromebooks

The new feature regarding video creation is Chromebooks have brought the transformation into the file extension. The captured videos were getting saved into Chromebook as MKV files. Now, the videos captured by the Chromebook camera will be saved as MP4 videos. This makes it easier to share the file with different users.

Resize virtual (or onscreen) keyboards

Chrome OS 84 now lets one resize the virtual keyboard that is present on the screen of the gadget. It can be done by dragging the keyboard from one corner to change its size and appearance.

Linux (Beta) microphone updates

By default, the Settings for Linux (Beta) will be default. This can be changed with the updates as the new feature allows you to visit the Settings for Linux (Beta) and control it to change any time. Doing this, the user can allow the access of Linux applications to the microphone.


The new features let the users search withing the ChromeVox menu with the name. It makes the reach faster and convenient for the required option. All a user needs to do is just open the menu and type in the search field. The user can navigate through arrow keys or can simply search for the given items.

Explore App

The new update comes with one new app, ‘Explore’. Though it is a newly launched app, it has replaced the ‘Get Help’ app on the device. Now, the user can explore the help center, irrespective of being online or offline.

It lets you search directly within the app to learn more and offers the latest available Chromebook perks of your device. Even if you are not connected to the internet, you can browse help documentation and this would be really great for the users.

The user may encounter some issues with Chrome OS 84 as this is a new update for their device. You are going to see this updated requirement soon in your device. Since the update is progressively rolling out, your device may take its own time to acclimatize the entire update of OS. Here are a few more statements that you need to know about Chrome OS 84;

Web Animations API

With new features of Chrome OS 84, Web Application API supports the slew of unsupported features. ‘Add’ and ‘Accumulate’ options are meant to combine animations with the composite modes. The browser is coming with the improved performance of removing and saving animations.

Wake Lock API

Wake lock helps the screen from locking and dimming. Wake Lock API graduates from the original trial in Chrome 84. Users can toggle the button to prevent the screen from going dark while you cook with a recipe on the screen.

Content Indexing API

Sometimes, the user doesn’t get the information about the data (or content) availability if there is no network connection. Content Indexing API helps the user to discover the content, which was hard to discover previously. URLs and metadata can be saved to be available offline.

App icon shortcuts

Users can start with the commonly used apps by choosing App icon shortcuts. It offers a quick tour of different tasks within an app. These shortcuts can be invoked by right-clicking on the app icon. The ‘shortcuts’ property helps to add and describe the tasks.

Same Site Cookie Policy

Same Site Cookie labeling is getting implemented in Chrome OS 84, gradually. The changes are starting to roll out again and this secures the content by default with any intervention of third party cookies. Since it limits the tracking, privacy automatically increases.

Chrome OS 84 is aimed to enhance the user experience from all the aspects. It has introduced new emojis that you can see on virtual keyboards. A yawning face, a saari, and an ear with a hearing aid are the shreds of evidence that Chrome is dwelling to provide a complete solution to the users.

The End Note

The updates on Chrome OS 84 are dedicated to invigorating the users’ experience with the device. In this way, abusive notification prompts were the big threads. Chrome 84 determines to handle this issue by blocking intrusive notification with the updated version.

This can be clearly seen in recent versions of OS that Google is working on fewer power consumption. The version is also focusing on preserving resources. Chrome 84 is going to warn the users about downloading an APK, EXE, or any other executables over the HTTPS page. Chrome OS 84 update has brought much for the users and this has increased the expectations with Chrome 85!

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