Blackview Launches Tab 8 4G Android 10 Tablet

In the market ruled by Apple tablets – iPad, the android tablets lie somewhere thin on the ground. Android tablets come in the picture because of its affordability. Keeping that in mind, a company named Blackview has launched a new line of a tablet, Tab 8, which offers terrific features. Blackview was previously known for manufacturing robust and rugged smartphones equipped with FLIR thermal cases.

Blackview Tab 8 Colors

The tablet is well-built, beautifully designed, offers portability, and is loaded with hi-tech features. The tablet gives high performance with a 4GB octa-core processor and 64GB ROM and expandable memory up to 128GB. It features an earphone jack, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera.

This mighty tablet, Blackview Tab 8, offers two attractive and elegant colors – gold and grey with a rich metallic finish to give it a classy look. The net weight of this tablet is 600g, which makes it easier to carry and work regardless of the place and time. The 1920*1200 resolution with a 16:10 aspect ratio makes watching movies and videos on the Tab 8 much more fun.

Blackview Tab 8 works on the Android 10 operating system. It has an FHD+ display (Full HD) to provide the users with an incredible experience of playing games or while watching videos and stunning sound effects.

The lightweight tablet offers a significant amount of portability and creativity on the go. It comes packed with two speakers that give out theatre-like sounds while watching a movie. The quality of the music provided in this tablet is vibrant and rich.

The exceptional battery lasts for a long time and helps you to do your work without any interruptions. The 6580mAh battery can last 408 hours on standby and 8 hours while watching videos/movies. It comes with battery saving and power saving optimization modes and an OTG to charge the device.

Blackview Tab 8 With KeyboardSpecifications

  • 10.1 Inch 1200×1920 FHD Display
  • 1.6GHz Spreadtrum SC9863A
  • 64GB EMMC Storage
  • 13MP Rear + 5MP Front Camera
  • 6580mAh Battery
  • Android 10

The device can run on 4G VoLTE, making it easier to complete our tasks or work anywhere without having to worry about the Wi-Fi.

All we need to do is insert a sim card, and the tablet is ready to use the data and help you get started with your work. Large screen makes it fun to video call your family and friends through this Blackview Tab 8.

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Talking about technology, the tablet has a face unlock option making it convenient for the users to unlock the phone and maintain privacy.

The addition of Android 10 comes in handy with features like a dark theme, navigation with the help of gestures, and much more. The tablet comes with an optional keyboard as an add-on for added convenience of the customers.

Blackview Tab 8 is priced at $159.99, and you can also pre-order as the Blackview site is offering excellent discounts.

3 thoughts on “Blackview Launches Tab 8 4G Android 10 Tablet”

  1. Received Tab8 from Blackview online store. Came with a screen protector fitted. Red flag to me. Accessory list on Blackview
    Protective Film seperately. Well mine had one fitted, there are pixel defects at bottom of screen and after setting up & resetting seven times & entering lock screen pin. Message Wrong PIN. So I reckon they sent me a device that had been returned to them by a previous owner. Screen protector already fitted & spare one in the box says it all. Returning it for a refund. Not a happy chappie. To say the least.

  2. Yes, comes with screen protector applied. So did my expensive Oneplus phone. This is a great tablet but the review about the speakers is an outright lie. Its not vibrant, rich, nor theater-like. It has tiny crappy speakers, not very loud, and kinda “tinny” sound. Its fins for normal use, but use headphones (and not the ones it came with!) if you want to really enjoy the sound

    • I agree the sound is very tinny, I get much better sound with plenty of base on my blackview phone and also on my old Amazon fire. I can’t understand why other reviewers say the the sound is great


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