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Are You Curious About the Lenovo Yoga Paper E Ink Tablet?

lenovo yoga paper images leaked by liliputing on twitter

The Chinese tech giant Lenovo is about to release Lenovo Yoga Paper E Ink Tablet with an E Ink display and a stylishly designed digital pen. After the image leak of the tablet, everyone seems curious to know more about this tablet and its features.

But, surprisingly there is no disclosure of specs on the World Wide Web. However, Lenovo has brought up a line of Yoga devices till now, yet the Paper lineup is a new edition.

Although a few social media sites have revealed its features like pen support and E Ink display, we find no information on availability/pricing to date. Though, based on its pictures, we can expect it is going to be launched very soon.

Almost a decade ago, Lenovo launched the Yoga line of devices including a huge range of computers, laptops, and tablets, which got updated every year.

While the Yoga family had a few convertibles as well as tablets with pen support, like the Yoga Tablet 2 with AnyPen and the Yoga Book C930, which was a 2-in-1 laptop with an E Ink touch screen that worked as a touchpad, keyboard, and reader/writer tablet, but it was not a “regular” E Ink tablet.

The photos available on the Chinese social network Weibo feature a Yoga Paper tablet along with a digital pen attached with a protective cover, which also looks like a stand.

As the images are shown with a retail box, so, the launch of the tablet can be expected soon. The Yoga Paper E Ink tablet looks like having around 11 inches of display and are targeting the conventional E Ink reader/ tablet market rather than the other high-end sectors.

The tablet is supported by a Mediatek Helio G90T chipset and a 2.05 GHz Octacore processor. With an 11-inch Full HD LED display size and 2000X1200 pixels picture resolution, the tablet is a perfect device for all types of work as you will have enough space to move your hands.

It runs on Android v11 Operating System and comes with a RAM of 8 GB and internal storage of 128 GB (with an expandable memory card of up to 512 GB), ideal for storing data and a large number of important files that you may need on the go. The storage is good enough to keep multiple important applications. You will not have to worry about storage.

Coming to its optics, the Yoga Paper E Ink tablet features 13 Megapixel rear and 8 Megapixel Front cameras, perfect for capturing memorable videos and doing photoshoots. Additionally, the 8500 mAH battery is enough for all-day work.

Lenovo is targeting the main E Ink tablet market through this tablet and not the high-end buyers.

Lenovo Yoga Paper E Ink tablets seem to have great design, more power, and the utmost creativity at the same time. It’s a style statement for the owner with the stainless-steel kickstand and fabric finish.

The MediaTek Helio G90T gives more power to play and work with efficiency and ease. Also, the attached Pen is easy to work with the moments of creativity as well as taking notes.

The tablet will be in the market with some positive and negative points. But the size and storage capacity definitely make it a perfect option for those looking for a tablet with a large screen size and storage space.

Source: Liliputing (Twitter)

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