Apple is Planning For Some Phenomenal Apple Pencil Technology

Apple pencil helps the users to jot down their imaginations. Creative iPad users are finding it magical with pixel-perfect precision. Note-taking, drawing, and marking up documents are incredibly amazing tasks performed by this pen. But now, something else has entered to the creative realm of Apple. The latest information is unveiling some miraculous features about Apple pencil.

Apple is moving the technology to an all-new direction. Apple pencil is moving upwards with technological evolutions. PatentlyApple has revealed great information that Apple has been working on creating an enhanced version of Apple pencil.

The latest version of Apple Pencil contains new color-sensing hardware. Apple Pencil will let the user copy from a color palette as well as a real-world object. iPad or iPhone users can immediately start drawing after picking the desired color.

new Apple Pencil system overview
Image Source: Patently Apple

The US Patent & Trademark Office has published some patent application from Apple that talks about the new technology that Apple Pencil may have. The advanced color sensor system would enable the pencil to sense the colors from a real-world object or color palette. The color would be transmitted to the device and one could start drawing on the iPad, immediately.

Apple notes have disclosed a few things mentioned below;

  • The color sensor may include a plurality of photodetectors. Here, each will measure light for a different and relevant color channel.
  • There can be more than one light-emitting device with the color sensor.
  • Light-emitting devices will control circuitry to illuminate any external or real-world object whereas photodetectors will measure the light to determine the required color, reflected from the illuminated object.
  • The device will calculate and control the color for the drawing program on the second device like iPhone or iPad.
  • An elongated computer stylus shaft may be there for supplying the electromagnetic signals on the sensitive display.
  • Apple may allocate the color sensor at the opposite the tip. It can be optically coupled with a light guide for directions of usage.
  • Orientation sensors, proximity sensors, and buttons will be there as input devices to determine the color measurements. These input devices may include a switch to trigger whenever the shaft is pressed.

Along with all the sensors, other triggering inputs can be also used in this process to determine the color measurements. Apple has exaggerated the meanings and terms of color measurements. The target may correspond to any inanimate object. From a piece of furniture to colored real-world objects, many things can be there.

cross-sectional side view of an Apple Pencil
Image Source: Patently Apple

The color measurements may include toys, human skin, or any other part from living items as well. Biological samples, outdoor items, and plants can also be used to find the color if desired. The color measurement can be performed through any other object as the process is done with the Pantone color palette.

In one example, Apple’s patent has disclosed the health-based applications as measurements are taken on pH levels’ test strips. This can be further proved helpful in monitoring the capabilities into different realms. If everything goes well the Apple Pencil’s new inclusion, it will be a great step towards technological success!

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