Zebra Launched L10 Android Rugged Tablet Platform – XPAD, XSLATE and XBOOK

Zebra Technologies has launched its flagship product L10 Android Rugged tablet that is groundbreaking. As well as all know that Zebra technologies always introduce rigid and robust tablets to enterprises, manufacturing firms, etc., at affordable price. But the addition of the Android operating system to its tablet launch is proving to be revolutionary. Now customers can move from their small-screen smartphones to a bigger one with the same user-interface.


This company has equipped the all-new L10 with Android 8.1 (Oreo), which helps to boost productivity as it also offers immense benefits through its Mobility DNA suite, which is end-user application development. It helps to fortify the security, streamline work management for businesses and assist smooth migration from legacy devices. The tablet has 10.1” screen size with an ability to fall from six-foot on plywood, which makes this tablet quite sturdy along with ingress shield IP65 rating, it is dust-proof and water-resistant.

It means L10 is rugged and powerful as it is not scared of any spills, drops, and falls. The tablet is equipped with a high-speed CPU that boosts the overall performance of the tablet. It compacts with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity along with GPS, cellular connections you can stay connected with people in a demanding environment. With a single charge, the tablet can last for the whole day with continuous browsing as it has a durable battery that enables you to work diligently without worrying about the battery life of this rugged tablet.

Zebra XPAD L10

Zebra Android L10 has different models that are worthy as the features are quite fascinating with a robust body obviously. This tablet line has the ability to completely replace the laptops for professionals working in government offices or enterprises. The range of models in the Zebra L10 Android platform includes the XPAD L10, XSLATE L10, and XBOOK L10 2-in-1.

Besides this, the tablets are quite lightweight, which makes it easy to carry, enabling users to feel like as if they’re carrying a small dairy to office. This is the major highlight of all new Zebra L10 Android rugged tablets because seeing such flexibility, especially in rugged range tablets, is impossible. We all know that rugged tablets are powerful and have the ability to work in severe conditions, so expecting lightweight is not so common. But Zebra has eliminated the outdated robust tablet models.

If you’re working in a manufacturing or government industry and want your employees to adopt these new digital technologies, then Zebra L10 Android rugged tablet range can prove to be beneficial. As the tablets are cost-effective, tech-savvy, and offer some exciting features that will completely fulfill your requirements. It’s a great tablet for on the go employees in your business!

So what are you waiting for? Zebra’s L10 tablet is the right choice that can help you revolutionize your business operations, enabling you to maximize the productivity of your team and cutting on unnecessary expenses. For more details, you can explore the official website of this company or stay tuned with us for more updates on the same!

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