WhatsApp introduces New Split-View Feature to Improve Android Tablet Experience

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With billions of monthly users, WhatsApp is one of the, if not the most popular messaging apps in the world.

While the platform has been consistently improving its features and specifications, latest reports suggest that a new beta version of WhatsApp now offers a new tablet-friendly feature.

Meta is currently testing out a new split-view feature on WhatsApp for improving the Android tablet experience of the users.

Over the years, despite the improvements in several features, it isn’t surprising that the one section that WhatsApp lacked was in providing a good tablet experience.

According to the reports at WABetaInfo, the messaging app is all set to introduce a tablet-exclusive feature that will not just streamline but elevate the overall user experience like never before. This is kickstarting with the Android tablets and will likely expand for the iPads in the future.

If you use WhatsApp on Android tablets, the new split-view feature will offer a more optimized user experience, especially when it comes to multitasking with different applications on the tablet.

With the split-view feature, the UI of WhatsApp will be optimized for the larger screens for improved user experience.

Beta users also report that the split-view feature will also promote multitasking by enabling the users to simultaneously use two or three apps at a time.

The following screenshot provided by WABetaInfo provides a better understanding of the new split-view feature in an Android tablet and how it will break down the user experience for the better.

In the above screenshot, the enabled split-view feature allows users to simultaneously access the WhatsApp status tab while having an active conversation with someone on the right.

Without the split-view feature, the users would only be able to use either one of these features at a time.

Besides the upcoming split-view feature, WhatsApp also introduced the “Companion Mode” a few months ago.

With this feature, WhatsApp allows users to link an additional Android tablet to an already existing WhatsApp account.

This meant that users could use their WhatsApp account on their smartphone and the Android tablet simultaneously.

Despite the popularity and the convenience of the Companion Mode, it lacked in several accounts. The biggest issue was that the feature wasn’t optimized for the larger screens of the tablet.

With the new split-view feature, that issue should be addressed and taken care of in the future. Further reports about the split-view feature suggests that the feature will work seamlessly among calls and status on WhatsApp too.

However, the biggest benefit of this feature will be in the chats section where the users will be able to go back and forth between conversations without needing to lose track of the conversation they are currently having.

With the new split-view feature, WhatsApp users will now be able to manage and organize their chats better on their Android tablets.

If all this information sounds enticing to you and you have an Android tablet, the new split-view feature is available in the latest beta version of WhatsApp. You can download the latest update from Google’s Play Store.

The update isn’t available universally and is being rolled out in batches. So, if you don’t get access to the feature at this moment, we’d recommend that you wait for the same to be available with the new few rounds of updates.

Until then, save this webpage for further details and updates about the new beta updates of WhatsApp and what you can expect from the upcoming split-view feature for Android tablets.

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