ViewSonic Unveils Collection of New Graphic Tablets; Designed for Creators

With the world shifting its goals and visions significantly, there is a surge in the creator community, encouraging brands to create products tailored to their needs.

ViewSonic, a leading global provider of visual solutions, recently released three new graphic tablets – two pen tablets and pen displays to support creativity on the go.

The three new models – 7″ PF720 and 10″ PF1020 and lightest 12″ ID1230 are designed to support creators with superior portability, responsive performance and sleek design.

Before we discuss more about the pen displays and their functionalities and benefits, let us compare the specifications first.

Understanding the Specifications

Specifications7″ PF72010″ PF102012″ ID1230
WeightFrom 190 gmFrom 380 gmFrom 600 gm
Pressure sensitivity8,192 levels8,192 levels8,192 levels
Tilt support±60 ° tilt±60 ° tilt±60 ° tilt
HotkeysFeatures 8 hotkeysFeatures 8 hotkeysFeatures 8 hotkeys
I/O portsUSB Type-C portUSB Type-C portUSB Type-C port
Color gamutUp to 85% NTSC and 90% Adobe RGB

What can Users expect from the new ViewSonic Graphic tablets

With the basic specifications of all the three pen displays out of the way, let us shift our focus to the individual features and significance of the devices.

Here’s what users can expect:

Creativity on the go

Featuring a slim, featherlight and modern design, all the three pen display models are designed and built with portability in mind. The svelte and sleek form of these devices pack more in a compact design.

Additionally, the pen displays are extremely lightweight, starting from 190 gm for the 7” variant, ensuring that it won’t weigh down on your shoulders.

The largest one of the three, the 12” ID1230 weighs 600 gm and is ideal for superior multitasking experience.

Furthermore, all of these pen displays come with USB Type-C support, which enables seamless connectivity with the external displays for multi-screen compatibility.

Also, it supports smoother file transfer and easy connectivity. Users can enjoy clutter-free user experience with a snap of the fingers.

Responsive digitizer pens

Not just the build and construction, these three new ViewSonic pen displays offer 8,192 pressure and sensitivity levels with their precise digitizer pens.

This emulates a similar writing experience like the ones you’d get when writing or drawing on pen and paper.

Also, the digital pen comes with tilt of ±60 ° for smoother sketching and drawing experience without any complaints.

It is also a battery-free pen, which means that users won’t have to worry about looking for a power outlet every few hours. All the three pen displays come with a holder to keep the pen in place.

Superior performance

The 12” ID1230 is integrated with up to 85% NTSC and 90% Adobe RGB color gamut for vivid color reproduction.

So, ideal for creators like graphic designers, editors, who are constantly working on color work and photo editing. When paired with ViewSonic’s high-spec ColorPro monitor, there’s no questions surrounding the performance and efficiency.

All the new pen displays from ViewSonic are compatible with Mac and Windows PC with their simple plug-and-play out of the box function.

There’s no need to download extra drivers. Also, the pen display features a series of hotkeys that support personalized shortcuts to bring superior efficiency in no time.

Pricing and Availability

ViewSonic has just introduced the three new pen displays. However, there are no further information about the pricing and availability yet.

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