Upcoming LG-V426 Android Tablet Gets Wi-Fi Bluetooth Certification

We all are aware of the LG brand so far as it offers a wide range of products concerning home appliances such as TV, air conditioner, refrigerator, etc. And with the advent of globalization, LG earned huge popularity in the market, since in its 90s. They have established themselves as a trusted brand when it comes to home appliances by giving manufacturing great innovative products to meet the changing needs of customers. It clearly means that LG has an excellent history in electronic products so far!

LG entered the smartphone market in 2009 by introducing its first ever Android mobile and later in 2011 LG stepped in the world of tablet keeping the rates minimal. However, the tablet market didn’t give any major breakthrough to the company as the rivals as Samsung has already captured the market. Survival of LG became difficult with time, and in recent years you might not have heard about LG tablets more. But you know LG has not departed from the market entirely, it is about its launch LG-V426 Android tablet in the market soon!

LG-V426 is expected to be a great hit in the market as it has been certified by the Bluetooth SIG and Wi-Fi Alliance, which means the tablet supports Bluetooth 4.2 Low energy standards, whilst, Wi-Fi alliance means that LG-V426 supports Wi-Fi 802 a/b/g/n dual band that includes Miracast. Besides this, LG-V426 has been listed in Google developer website. However, the hardware specification of the tablet has not been released yet, but we can assume that LG-V426 will be an affordable Android tablet.

Because today, in mid-range smartphones or tablets companies are offering Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi a/b/g/ac standards, so apparently LG-V426 is equipped with an outdated chipset with regards to connectivity. More so, the tablet has been certified by various certification agencies so we can expect that LG will soon launch the tablet- may be in 2019. We cannot give you any assurance whether LG-V426 will be displayed in Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that will be held in 2019 in Las Vegas or in Mobile World Congress (MWC) that will be held in Barcelona in the same year.

In case, if LG is planning to showcase their tablet in these two great events, they have to start with the testing of the tablet soon and come out with a teaser of the tablet. Hopefully, the whole market is excited to see the comeback product of LG in the tablet market.  But looking at a few hardware specifications, it may capture the low-budget market initially in partial as per assumptions.

At the beginning of this month, Korean Intellectual Property office approved LG’s tablet design patent that includes a solid cover and wireless keyboard; now we don’t know that it is LG-V426 tablet or some other- just an assumption. If you are excited to know the features of the latest tablet, then stay tuned with us and get regular updates on the same to stay abreast of the highlights of LG-V426!

*Note: The above tablets photo is just for a reference. Image of LG-V426 tablet has not been released yet.

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