MobileDemand Launches Windows-based xTablet T1185 Rugged Tablet

mobiledemand launches xtablet t1185 rugged tablet

Leading manufacturer of rugged tablets, MobileDemand has launched its all-new high-value tablet device called xTablet T1185. The device is power-packed with a wide range of productivity features and enhancing accessories. MobileDemand is a renowned maker of rugged tablets, cases, and mobile widely used by companies for improvising their productivity. This Windows-based xTablet T1185 will replace … Read more

MobileDemand Launches xTablet Flex 10A Rugged Android Tablet

MobileDemand xTablet Flex 10A

xTablet Flex 10A Rugged Tablet was recently announced by MobileDemand, thereby indicating another valuable addition to its already rich portfolio of performance-driven, rugged business-oriented tablets. The company has decided to come up with the product to provide cost-effective computing solutions to field-based workers, thereby adding to their mobility and productivity. xTablet Flex 10A Rugged Tablet … Read more