Lectrus LECT-TAB1011S 3G Tablet Review

Lectrus LECT-TAB1011S 3G Tablet

Tablets have always been used as a backup for your quick needs, and nothing gets better than Lectrus LECT-TAB1011S 3G tablet with its fantastic features that can be used as a superb backup device. It is also referred to as a Phablet that can replace your old, cringy laptops. By looking at the specs, it … Read more

Lectrus LECT-TAB0711 7-inch Tablet Review

Featured Image Lectrus LECT-TAB0711 7-inch Tablet

Multitasking or Multidimensional properties add more value to any device. Lectrus LECT-TAB0711 7-inch tablet is also a multi-dimensional device which can be used in different ways according to the different requirements. Use it either as a normal standalone tablet and perform day-to-day tasks, enjoy videos/ games or use it as a 3G mobile phones and … Read more

Lectrus LECT-TAB1011 10-inch Android Tablet Review

Lectrus LECT-TAB1011 Tablet

In today‚Äôs high technology and fast-paced era, computer devices sizes are shrinking day by day for delivering better flexibility and portability for the users. Lectrus LECT-TAB1011 is one of the devices which comes in a small packet but fetches incredible performance. Slim, sleek 3G unlocked tablet works on Android platform and can perform any required … Read more