GIGABYTE’s latest releases at CES 2024 – What’s new?

Gigabyte launches new 2024 laptops

GIGABYTE is out with a series of products at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – debuts new AI-powered AORUS and GIGABYTE gaming laptops with featured models – AORUS 16X and GIGABYTE G6X, embracing the era of AI PCs. Let’s take a look at all! AI gaming laptops: G6X, G6, and G5 The business unveiled … Read more

GIGABYTE Unveils Next-Gen HPC & AI Servers: the G383-R80 and G593 Series

Gigabyte unveils G383-R80 and G593 series servers

Many of you might know GIGABYTE from PC gaming components, but they also make high-performance computing (HPC) servers and other servers for industrial use. In the latest news, the brand has announced its innovation in high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) through its subsidiary Giga Computing. Welcome the new GIGABYTE G383-R80 and two GIGABYTE … Read more

Gigabyte announces direct liquid cooling (DLC) multi-node servers for NVIDIA Grace CPU & NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchip

Gigabyte announces direct liquid cooling (DLC) multi-node servers for NVIDIA Grace CPU & NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchip

Being prominent in the enterprise computing sector, Giga Computing Technology monitors the creational & product design of hardware enterprises. Our extensive testimonials of different products that manage multiple workloads from the data center to edge, such as traditional & upcoming work pressure in HPC, data analytics, AI, edge & cloud computing. Giga Computing – a … Read more

GIGABYTE Unveils TRX50 AERO D Motherboard for High-End Desktop Computing


If we talk about the top brands that make high-end motherboards, GIGABYTE is always among the top players. Now, they have announced another high-end motherboard. The brand has recently announced its latest High-End Desktop (HEDT) masterpiece: the TRX50 AERO D motherboard. This new motherboard is made to support the mighty AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors. Since … Read more

GIGABYTE Unveils Stylish White Motherboards for the AMD AM5 Platform


The months of October and November are always big for tech companies as they all announce new products. Well, it is a busy month for GIGABYTE as they are launching products left and right. Recently, the brand unveiled three Stylish White motherboards for the AMD AM5 platform. These motherboards are for gamers and PC enthusiasts … Read more