Gigabyte announces direct liquid cooling (DLC) multi-node servers for NVIDIA Grace CPU & NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchip

Gigabyte announces direct liquid cooling (DLC) multi-node servers for NVIDIA Grace CPU & NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchip

Being prominent in the enterprise computing sector, Giga Computing Technology monitors the creational & product design of hardware enterprises. Our extensive testimonials of different products that manage multiple workloads from the data center to edge, such as traditional & upcoming work pressure in HPC, data analytics, AI, edge & cloud computing.

Giga Computing – a renowned subsidiary of GIGABYTE, is a leading industrial product frontier in highly efficient networks, server motherboards & workstations. It has recently announced DLC models (direct liquid cooling) multi-functionary servers with different nodes for NVIDIA Grace CPU & NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchip.

In addition, a DLC-based Intel-oriented server for the NVIDIA HGX H100 Eight GPU policy & an extremely dense programming server for AMD EPYC 9004 processors. To attain maximum efficiency in throughput, they have been installed with the latest 12U single-phase immersion tank. The above-mentioned server-based products will be available at GIGABYTE counter #355 at SC23.

The recently launched advanced CPU servers with maximum range consist of Intel Xeon-oriented H263-S63-LAN1 & AMD EPYC-type H273-Z80-LAN1. These 2U quadrant node servers deploy DLC for the eight CPUs around it. Despite having dense computing CPU operations, it tends to reach its maximum potential in the desired mode.

In August 2023, GIGABYTE unveiled its new range of advanced servers for NVIDIA HGX H100 GPU & now includes the DLC series to the G593 versions (G593-SD0-LAX1) for NVIDIA HGX H100 Eight GPU models.

GIGABYTE has entirely invested its overall operations in enhancing sustainability & energy consolidation in data centers by enabling immersion & liquid cooling concepts as their first-line priority. To end this dilemma, the latest DLC-based servers from GIGABYTE are a fine example of responding to the market.

The increased performance registered in the recent generational processors has pioneered the building of beneficial solutions that enhance the overall PUE (power usage efficiency) & offer sustainable peak system operation through advanced DLC technology.

As you already know, we have provided a detailed demonstration over DLC cold plates for the fourth generation-based CPUs & NVIDIA HGX H100 GPUs, similar to the ones in the GIGABYTE GPU G363-SR0 servers where 2 CPUs & 4 GPUs are kept liquid-cooled & in the extreme dense conditions with a 2U, 4 node, 8 CPU-based server.

After switching further from cold plates to the CDU (coolant distribution unit, GIGABYTE has started to provide CDUs from a renowned partner named “Motivair” to provide an end-to-end DLC solution in continuation with GIGABYTE manifolds, servers, cold plates & racks for a quick and efficient deployment of its fine products.

Moving to solo phase immersion cooling systems, GIGABYTE has launched its latest 12U EIA immersion tank product named A1P0-EA0, which is a recent addition to its immersion tank profile that already consists of one that assists 18OU OCP servers, A1O3-CC0 & another for 21U EIA servers, A1P0-EB0.

While collaborating with GIGABYTE lead generation to discover server arenas, users can select their desired ones from our extensive server profile of edge computing, cloud, AI & HPC, of which various GIGABYTE G & H variant servers will tend to add the latest DLC SKUs with standard Cool IT devices kit or a GIGABYTE DLC kit as an optional choice.

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