Samsung Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ Gets One UI 3 Update

Samsung launched their best tablets in late August last year, and they have competed at a high level with other advanced two-in-one tablets like iPad Pro models. Now, with their integration of Android 11-based One UI 3, the Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ are receiving new software updates and many other performance-based improvements.

The tablets are already at an advanced level, offering features to increase productivity. With the new update, users will witness a whole new tablet experience with more connected devices. Samsung’s main focus with the One UI 3 update is to help users stay connected with multiple devices on deck. They are making it possible by incorporating a new feature called Second Screen, or some might call it “The Extend Mode.”

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Sharing screen now has a new meaning for Samsung users. They will be able to engage with two screens simultaneously, and the UI lets users connect their Windows PC to the S7/S7+ tablets. The extend mode is used for processing two different applications on each screen, so you cannot save changes done on your tablet straight to your PC. On the other hand, the update also mentions a new Duplicated mode that lets users share one application on both screens and the changes are instantly saved.

Along with screen sharing, Samsung also concentrated on user browsing experience, and they added a faster auto-sync feature for Samsung internet across all connected devices. This feature comes in handy when users want to perform the same task but on a bigger screen. To transfer the webpage to other connected devices, you have to click on the internet icon present at the menu bar’s bottom right.

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The One UI 3.1 software update changed the Samsung ecosystem in many ways, and many people believe that the gap between iPad and Tab S7+ got closer. User experience now becomes more streamlined, and they added a whole new set of options to explore in the Galaxy Tab S7/S+.

The update is not limited to only double screens and uninterrupted browsing, and it also uses the keyboard to connect with your smartphone. Samsung has added a wireless keyboard sharing feature to make the book cover keyboard accessible to a compatible smartphone.

There is even a simple key combo to switch between your smartphone and Tab S7/S7+. One important thing to note here is that these software updates are available only on Samsung products, currently including only the Tab S7 and S21 series.

Another interesting add-on for the keyboard sharing feature is that you can use the track-pad as a cursor on your smartphone. This multi-device functionality is refined to its best abilities, and it will reach a wider audience once Samsung rolls out the update in its older devices. With Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+, users can work in any environment without any connection issues or workflow problems.

Lastly, you get to enjoy one cool feature called Auto Switch. This feature is associated with Galaxy Buds Pro. This update’s versatility is on display with this feature because it lets users switch from one connected device to another while still running multiple applications.

Earphone users no longer have to disconnect and reconnect their earphones for answering a call manually; they can just tap the buds and accept the call. The Auto Switch feature is compatible with only Galaxy Buds Pro, so users of other brands have to wait till there is a new update from Samsung.

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