Revolutionizing the Tablet Game: Vivo Pad 2 Released with 12.1” Display and Powerful Specs

vivo launches vivo pad 2

In a world where tablet designs are becoming incredibly standardized, Vivo has dared to step out of the box with their latest release, offering users access to premium productivity experience with the Vivo Pad 2.

Featuring an expansive 12.1” display and 7:5 aspect ratio, the tablet is anything but ordinary. The Vivo Pad 2’s innovative design is not just about its size; the tablet’s shape is also a departure from the norm. Featuring a rounded, pebble-like shape, the tablet feels quite comfortable to hold.

What’s great about the Vivo Pad 2 is that the tech brand has upgraded every aspect of the tablet from its predecessor. From the display to the hardware and the audio, every part of the tablet stands out and boasts the latest technological advancements.

What Makes Vivo Pad 2 a Superior Successor than Vivo Pad?

vivo pad 2

Vivo entered the tablet market with their predecessor, the Vivo Pad.

The brand revolutionized the tablet game offering users access to high-quality and advanced specifications at an affordable price.

With Vivo launching their sophomore product in the tablet market, wondering how much the Vivo Pad 2 has improved and upgraded from its predecessor is quite a common thought. So, let’s take a look at it.


The Vivo Pad 2 has a custom 12.1” display panel with 7:5 aspect ratio, making it one of its kind. It is a slightly larger tablet than the 11” version we got from the brand last year.

Furthermore, the display is integrated with HDR10+ certification and 2.8K retina-level clear and crisp resolution that makes the visuals come to life. The viewing angles are pleasant and sharp.

Also, it is backed with 144Hz e-sports-level high-brush smoothness and 600 nits brightness, which enables you to view the screen even under direct sunlight.

Vivo is particular about shielding their user’s vision against the harmful blue light exposure, hence it is backed with German Rheinland low blue light certification. Even with prolonged usage, users shouldn’t have to bear the consequence of visual fatigue.

Hardware and Processor

With the USP of the Vivo Pad 2 discussed and out of the way, let us focus and compare the hardware side of things.

The Vivo Pad 2 is powered by the Dimensity 9000 SoC with 4nm Tech. This boasts an octa-core CPU and deca-core GPU configuration for effortless and uninterrupted performance.

As for the internal specifications, the tablet features up to 8GB RAM with 256GB internal storage (which is expandable too). Vivo hasn’t shied away from the battery configuration too. A 12GB+512GB version will be available in the market later.

The Vivo Pad 2 features 10,000 mAh battery with 44W flash charging. A full charge (which takes 139 minutes) will last you for a few days with standard usage.

Camera and Ports

Vivo is known for their camera set-up and payoff, so it isn’t surprising that they haven’t compromised on that front with the Vivo Pad 2 as well.

The flagship tablet features 8MP front camera, which renders some of the clearest selfies. As for the primary camera, it is integrated with a 13MP lens with 2MP supporting sensor.

Moving on, Vivo has supplied their tablet with all the staple wireless connectivity options, including Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.3, etc. It also supports the 5 gbps USBC port.

Standout Unique Features

Besides these staple hardware and software specifications, the Vivo Pad 2 also packs in some unique traits and specifications that are an upgrade from last year’s Vivo Pad.

The new Vivo Pad 2 comes with an upgraded design of stylus, smart touch keyboard, and other accessories.

Also, with the larger screen, Vivo has fixed liabilities that users often experience with large-screen ecosystems. There won’t be any issues with the orientation of the third-party apps on the display.

Mimicking PC-like features, the Vivo Pad 2 also comes with one-touch screen projection and one-touch file transfer for enhanced responsiveness and efficiency.

The tablet has officially collaborated with WPS Office to streamline productivity for users who are constantly on the go.

Pricing and Availability

Vivo announced two variants of the Vivo Pad 2 at the launch event.

  • The 8GB + 128GB base variant of the Vivo Pad 2 is priced at $364.00 (2499 yuan).
  • The 8GB + 256GB variant is priced at $495.00 (3399 yuan).

There are no updates about the price of the 12GB + 512GB variant yet, so we’d have to wait for its launch in the future. No information has been shared about the availability yet.

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