RCA 11 Galileo Pro Tablet Review

In today’s generation of highly priced and smart looking devices, does low price and decent build quality stand a chance? RCA 11 Galileo Pro tablet exactly does that by drawing the line where you could trust a brand or product with lower price and has decent quality to offer. For beginners or fresh buyers, this is all that matters.

RCA 11 Galileo Pro Tablet Computer

Tablets are most often undermined, as consumers meditating with high expectations of tablet working like a supercomputer are making or breaking the deal. But we will explore a product that comes in with a cost-effective price and good quality. By looking at some of the significant features, let’s travel through what it has to offer and arrive at a verdict.

About the Brand

“More than a tablet, it’s your digital companion” is the underlying philosophy of RCA. They are an American trademark brand owned by French multinational corporation Technicolor SA and have multiple branches of related brands under it, ranging from RCA computer tablets to digital TV box. They have been part of the American family for 90 years and have proved their significance even in products like 4K televisions and Home Appliances. Initially, they popularized the radio in the 1920s, which was an iconic move! The most significant part of this brand is that it boldly stands as the ‘icon of American innovation’. You know what’s even better? The brand also propagates itself by creating an emotional connection with the products.

Features and Specifications

Specs and Features RCA 11 Galileo Pro

A brand might set pedestals, but on the ground, does their product offer as much value as it boasts? Well, let’s take a look at features and specifications of this tablet to know!


The RCA 11 Galileo Pro has MTK quad-core processor, which is also known as the game changer in old processor types. Quad-core has four independent processing cores built for segregating functions and executing them like a pro. The processor is quite strong for performing routine tasks and can endure a variety of programs with 1.3GHz clock speed, making this tablet up to the mark in processing.


Talking about the display, Galileo Pro has a 1024 x 600 resolution which is a standard resolution for most conventional tablets in the industry. It also has multi-touch technology embedded in it giving you a premium feel instead of the traditional pinch and zoom touchscreen. Also, the screen size of the tablet is 11.5 inch, making the aspect of viewing broader and better when you have a bunch of people around you. But for such a screen size, the resolution should have been a bit more optimum as it lacks in pixel quality. It does not have an IPS display responsible for improving screen performance regarding viewing angles.


It has 32 GB storage which is pretty decent for the price it is being offered at. Unlike 8 or 16 GB storage, 32 GB gives you more room to accommodate data in your tab. Well, if 32 GB doesn’t sound right to you, it also has a micro SD card slot that can be used for extra external storage.

Input Device

This tab comes with a detachable keyboard which provides a pinch of comfort. Generally, typing on the tablets is a mammoth of a task, but using the detachable keyboard, typing on this tablet is a piece of cake. On top of providing comfort, the keyboard also makes the tab look very similar to a laptop. You will barely notice much difference between the two. So while you pay for a tablet, enjoy the luxury of typing in a laptop.


It offers 1 GB RAM which is pretty average for a buyer with lots of primary and functional needs. However being best suited for a fresh buyer, 1GB RAM does a pretty decent job in basic gaming, document creation and accessing multimedia. Also, this is a DDR SDRAM built and threaded for faster performance and higher transfer rates. 1 GB SDRAM is proven much better than previous RAM models.

Operating System

Equipped with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the tablet is built for upgraded functionality than previous Android versions. With this OS, you get the ease of use at your fingertips, literally! And all this is offered at a cost-effective price.


Design RCA 11 Galileo Pro Tablet

In terms of design, it is entirely made of plastic, making the tablet heavy. It weighs 2.91lbs which is pretty heavy for a basic tablet. The dimensions of the tablet are 11.81 x 7.54 x 1.16 inch, making it appear thicker than many tablets in the same price range.

Ports and Connectors

It comes with one micro SD slot for users to opt for expanded external memory. It also has a micro-USB port that can be used for plugging in a mouse or keyboard, a power button along with volume keys, 3.5 mm headphone jack, a USB or DC port to charge the tab either ways, a mini HDMI and a reset button behind it.


The battery life of Pro 11.5 doesn’t fail to impress with an average 5-6 hours of on screen time. Time taken to reach full charge is 4 hours – which is a bit higher.

What’s in the Box?

It comes with an AC adapter, detachable keyboard and a user manual for guidance at every step.

Final Verdict

RCA 11 Galileo Pro is suited well for consumers looking to perform foundational tasks. While the tab has its cons, it offers good specifications that come at an inexpensive price. Let’s not put the tab’s faith to doom because no product is perfect and with such a price range, expecting a premium product is inappropriate. And that is when you end with an expensive product rather than choosing a simple device that is well crafted for you.


12 thoughts on “RCA 11 Galileo Pro Tablet Review”

  1. RCA Galileo pro for Christmas 2018. Set up wit number code to open. 5 Months later turned tablet on and the key pad to enter code does not ever come up. Have had several computer savey people looked at it and no one has been able to correct the problem.

    • Hello Brenda,
      If you have keyboard case, connect it with the tablet and then try to enter the password. If that doesn’t work, it seems to be a Software or Cache related problem. So, in that case, you should contact the RCA support service. Thanks.

  2. Hello, I just get one, but I need to be very close to the router in order to stay connected, is a deficiency I can fix or is just bad electronics?

  3. Hi my son got Galileo pro for his birthday and it was working fine and so beautiful till last month the screen just turned white. He didn’t drop it. I have a tech guy look at it and he said the screen is not broken. He asked for big amount of money to look so carefully in the matter. What could be the problem. Is there something I can do to fix it?

  4. So i’ve red reviews, and still I content with this units performance, and yes, the low cost in this case $95.00
    door to door excellent, in fact I just today bought another RCA Gallelo Pro (pink) for my wife.

  5. I did factory reset on my rca galileo tablet because I was selling it. Now I am unable to get back in to it . it keeps asking for gmail and password which it wont accept. I also had a pattern lock on it but I cant get to that now

  6. There is a proprietary dock connection guided by magnets and tabs at the bottom of the keyboard. The keyboard can also be turned around and function as a stand through the dock.

  7. I’ve had a Galileo Pro for more than 2 years. It never worked very well, so I didn’t use it much. The touch screen isn’t very responsive, and it’s so sloooooooow. I don’t use it at all now, but occasionally turn it on just to see if it will surprise me. It never does. It’s junk, and I wish I hadn’t bought it.

  8. I use to love my Galileo pro be lately its been acting weird. Very slow keep shutting down. Haven’t added or removed anything. Hard to connect to WiFi. Screen started jumping yesterday .


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