Lenovo Previewed ThinkPad X1 Foldable PC Tablet – May come with up to Core i7 processor

Lenovo has been recognized for its groundbreaking and innovative ideas when it comes to tablets and laptops. We all aware of the history of Lenovo that keeps on evolving with the trend to provide users next generation tablets, so that customers stay abreast every new technology.

To maintain consistency in providing personalized, high-tech and revolutionary computing experience, Lenovo has hit the market by previewing the all new ThinkPad X1 Foldable PC tablet. Are you in turmoil reading foldable? Well, yes that’s why Lenovo always nail it concerning exceptional experience.

Lenovo previewed the world’s first foldable PC, targeting the mobile-savvy professionals who seek better features in a compact size with portability of course. This foldable tablet has been added to the range of ThinkPad X1 ensuring that users won’t compromise on productivity along with portability. You might be wondering it’s a hybrid of smartphone or tablet or laptop, but let me clear all your doubts, ThinkPad X1 is a ripped laptop that has been empowered with folding screen feature.

Professionals often find it difficult to carry to huge and heavy and laptops while traveling, but at the same time they require large screen. Undoubtedly, a tablet can be your great partner on the go, but what with laptop things are always different. So keeping this pain of professionals in limelight, Lenovo invented this revolutionary product to make the lives of professionals simpler. Now you can explore every place and live every moment with out of the blue flexibility. There are speculations that ThinkPad X1 foldable PC tablet may come with Core i7 processor, yet no confirmation is given by Lenovo.

It is expected that company will release all the details next year in 2020, so stay tuned with us to know more about ThinkPad X1 foldable’s tempting features.

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