Lenovo Launches Smart Tab M10 & P10 at CES 2019

Lenovo has recently rolled out its smart tabs in 2-in-1 tablets category and we just can’t wait to know more. The tabs are said to turn full-functional smart screen with Amazon Alexa. Lenovo has indeed played smart with its new smart tabs, as they are well functional for families and a must-have for every household. Now if you wonder that it might be task to set it up, worry not! It is extremely simple to set it up.

You can easily convert it into a smart speaker with display just by placing it on the Smart Dock (*included). It then will have full screen visual, commendable sound that complements Alexa’s responses from almost anywhere in the room.

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With its Amazon Alexa feature, Lenovo Smart Tabs, M10 and P10, are just what you need to have an immersive AI experience. It doubles as a tab and a smart home device which can help you with your daily need of a smart tab. It extends new and exciting ways to make household manage much more easy and even more fun.

Let’s now hop on to some exclusive features that surely redefines smart tab for us;

Full HD Display

Excellent 10.1” full HD display what helps you have a clear and sharp picture quality. It has display resolution of 1920 x 1200, hence, extending an amazing feel while watching movies, match or any other thing. We bet, you will love the display and clarity it has to offer.

Excellent Processor and Storage

Lenovo’s smart tabs are indeed smart and powerful. They are embedded with Qualcomm Snapdragon 450, Octa-Core 1.8 GHz processor that enables it to multi-task and do justice to the smart device that it is. Since the processor gets full marks, the storage is commendable as well. It has 3 GB RAM, 32 GB ROM, and an amazing storage capacity of up to 256 GB micro-SD card support.

Amazon Alexa

When you dock the smart tab into Lenovo smart dock, it shifts to Smart Screen and you can then get all your queries or commands done with just a voice command. Also, the AI is accurate and you will complement responses from nearly anywhere in the room. Hence, now you get a smart home experience with getting your task done hands free. We bet it sounds intriguing. So now you can just ask Alexa to check traffic for you, your calendar or even add items to your to-do list.

Sound Quality

Needless to mention, with smart dock complimenting Lenovo Smart Tabs, the sound quality is bound to be exceptionally great. It ensures to have the high quality sound delivery with help of Smart Docks 2x3W full-range speakers. A powerful sound delivery system that enhances your smart home feel.

The Smart Tabs are surely most desired tablets and Lenovo just got it right. Getting smart tabs inclusive with 2-in-1 tablet feature is certainly a smart move. Also, keeping reasonable prices worked really well for Lenovo. You can get M10 from $199 and P10 from $299, both of them available exclusively on Lenovo and Amazon.

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