Latest World Tablet Shipments IDC Report

As per the preliminary report from the International Data Corporation, in the third quarter of 2020, the global market for tablets has recorded a growth of 24.9%, with shipments totaling 47.6 million units.

Worldwide Tablet Shipments Third Quarter 2020

BrandUnit Shipments 3Q19 (in millions)Market Share 3Q19Unit Shipments 3Q20 (in millions)Market Share 3Q20Year-Over-Year Growth

With everything almost coming to a standstill as the aftermath of the outbreak of the global pandemic, COVID-19, there is hardly any point in arguing that all sectors have witnessed an unprecedented downfall in terms of economic growth.

But, after going through the recently released growth report by the global tablet market, it is seen that the market for tablets has grown significantly during this crisis phase with the customer base increasing day by day.

One definite logical explanation for this change in the buying pattern of global customers is the need to remain functional and in touch with the outside world, while staying safe at home has resulted in this.


Apple remains unperturbed in the first position, with 13.9 million units shipped. As expected, it remains the global tablet leader and has recorded 17.4% growth in Q320. The company witnessed steady growth in both the education and consumer segments, with iPad(s) dominating the sales all the time.


And it is more interesting to see that in this cut-throat competition, Samsung has managed to live all other counterparts behind by becoming the second-largest selling brand of tablets in the global market.

With overwhelming year-over-year growth of almost 90% and with shipments totaling 9.4 million tablets in the 3rd quarter of 2020, Samsung is just next to Apple and has even surpassed Amazon in this sector.

On the 29th of October, 2020, Samsung has reported that this is the highest earned quarterly revenue by the company to date. In Q319, Samsung’s shipped units added to 5 million that has increased to 9.4 million units this year.

Samsung, always being one of the primary names in the computing solutions, has managed to grab a strong foundation in the global market. People are impressed with all-time advancements and technological wonders that the company has gifted them time and again.

It is the long legacy of the company that has helped it earn the highest-ever revenue even in testing times like this. With an increase in demand for tablets, the company has emphasized more on Android detachable and the results are obvious. It also launched the very first 5G enabled tablet Galaxy Tab S7+ in 3Q20.

Another close look at the report from IDC again reveals the fact that Samsung has also, surprisingly taken over Xiaomi in selling more numbers smartphones in India.

Other Important Tablet Brands

Following Samsung, Amazon is in the third position and recorded a drop of 1.2% in this year’s sale as compared to 3Q19. Some of the highest selling products of Amazon include the 8-inch and 10.1-inch tablets and Kids Edition tablets.

Huawei and Lenovo are the next two top tablet companies to follow Amazon consecutively. Huawei recorded a growth rate of 32.9% by shipping 4.9 million units in 3Q20. Lenovo has successfully occupied the 5th position and thus has become one of the top-selling tablets brands globally.

It has shipped 4.1 million units in 3Q20 and has recorded a growth rate of 62.4%, which is commendable in itself. Going by the present situation, demand for the slate tablets of Lenovo saw a steep rise as they are very affordable and are equipped with large display screens.

Work from home and online classes are indeed newly explored concepts amidst the global crisis and it is to remain so until the world is free of this deadly virus. So, this growth in the overall tablets demand may be attributed to these changing world arrangements.

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