Huion Launches Largest Pen Tablet: Inspiroy Giano

huion launches inspiroy giano g930l drawing pen tablet

Huion has recently announced the launch of their brand-new Inspiroy Giano, the largest professional Bluetooth 5.0 pen tablet featuring a big and wider screen measuring 13.6 x 8.5inch. The tablet is specifically designed for professional artists and creators looking for a more versatile workspace.

The highlight of this new pen tablet is that the panel creates a paper-like texture, enabling artists have an ingrained experience of pen on paper drawing, while using the digital pen PW517.

Moving right ahead to the display panel, Huion has outdone this time around. The smart LCD screen is conveniently placed on the upper-left part of the tablet, helping the users keep track of important status and details, including power, connectivity, press key status – all at a quick glance.

In the middle of the screen of the pen tablet, users can notice a special icon of the Huion logo or moon to alert the users if the tablet is connected to an external device like the phone or computer at that moment.

huion inspiroy giano g930l

However, what sets the Inspiroy Giano from the rest of the pen tablets is the smart integrated features. The flashing exercise icon on the tablet blinks rapidly if you have been stationary in one sport while drawing or finishing your projects on the tablet.

Backed with Bluetooth 5.0, the pen tablet enables users experience the best wireless connectivity and experience with improved network speed, connectivity and stable data transmission compared to its previous launches.

The Bluetooth 5.0 not just assures uninterrupted connectivity to the PCs, computers, laptops, smartphones, Mac laptops and Android phones, it also eliminates the issues pertaining to messy cables that are scattered around the house.

In case your computer doesn’t supports Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, the Inspiroy Giano can be connected via the USB Type-C port or you can buy a Bluetooth receiver for your computer for an easy connectivity.

Press keys are no doubt one of the most crucial parts in a tablet and Huion offers a variety of them in their latest launch. The programmable press keys have a textured feel to them to enable users know which key their finger is on. Also, the keys are highly responsive and efficient, further adding to the creation process.

As for the pen that you get with the tablet, PenTech 3.0 is a revolutionary launch. The battery free digital pen is a lot better than the previous launches from Huion, especially because of the fact that it has a reduced retraction distance.

The pen also comes with 5 standard pen nibs and 5 separate felt nibs that offer a variety of texture art experience for the artists, much like they are doing it with the pen and paper.

The Inspiroy Giano features 300 PPS report rate and 8192-level pressure sensitivity that makes drawing effortless and more precise. There are no harsh lines or restrictions to the drawing experience. What you draw is what shows up effortlessly on the tablet screen.

Lastly, Huion hasn’t shied away from the design and build of this pen tablet. Designed and manufactured with environmental aluminum-alloy back case, the tablet is just 9mm in thickness and feature four anti-slip pads on the back so the device doesn’t slide out when you are working.

Moreover, the Inspiroy Giano can be rotated up to 270 degrees angle to accommodate the comfort of both right and left-handed artists and match their drawing habits with optimal comfort. Users can also maximize their productivity with the 2500 mAh battery that offers up to 18-hours of uninterrupted user experience.

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