Huion Launches Kamvas Slate 10

Huion Launches Kamvas Slate 10

When most people think of tablets, they think of an iPad for numerous reasons: better applications, better battery life, long-term update support, and a dependable ecosystem. However, some excellent Android tablets are available now that should be noticed.

They can do everything an iPad does, including viewing videos, accessing the web, reading, checking email, playing games, and working! Speaking of tablets, Huion is out with yet another Android-based tablet – the all-new Kamvas Slate 10, designed to unleash your creativity!

How is it different? Let’s take a look!

Unleash your talent anywhere!

The Kamvas Slate 10 is an Android tablet with a 10.1″ FHD+ screen. It also comes with a digital pen with 4096 pen pressure levels. Whether you are a novice seeking a portable drawing tablet or a present for a youngster who likes sketching, the Kamvas Slate 10 is an ideal choice.

Huion Kamvas Slate 10

The 10.1-inch 16:10 screen with a 1920*1200 FHD+ resolution provides a crisp sketching experience. The complete lamination and anti-glare qualities protect but also improve comfort, meeting your demands for visual pleasure and practical use.

The pen stylus can identify the pressure you apply when writing thanks to the 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, allowing you to manage the thickness of the lines like a real pen and enjoy creating completely. That means you can draw clean lines like a real pen.

You can preferentially detect your pen tip, eliminate unintentional contact from your hand, modify the side keys for eraser or undo, etc. It can support lengthy periods of labor, up to 45 hours!

Boasting an Intuitive Touchscreen

Apart from a stunning texture, with the new Kamvas Slate 10, you also get an intuitive touchscreen. The user-friendly touchscreen allows artists to manipulate and access it swiftly. It considerably improves productivity by integrating a range of finger movements with the most popular Android drawing applications, such as HiPaint and MediBang Paint.

And then comes the best part. The 6000mAh battery provides around 7 hours of energy life on a single charge, and the auto brightness adjustment sensor may assist in preserving power so you can record moments of inspiration at home or on the move.

You can expect little latency even when multitasking on the Unisoc Tiger T616 Octa-Core LTE platform. Furthermore, the Android operating system and 8GB of RAM allow for even better sketching performance.

In addition, the 128GB internal storage and the possibility to extend to 512GB using a TF card allow you to download hundreds of apps or save massive amounts of data safely. The Kamvas Slate 10 is simple and would be an excellent present for “the little artists” to scribble and play with.

Finally, the front and back cameras, speakers, and headphone jacks contribute to the audio-visual and shooting experience. Furthermore, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi allow a quick connection to the keyboard and mouse for work.

What’s in the box?

The Kamvas Slate 10 (in grey) comes with a leather case, an Active Capacitive Stylus HS200, a Pen Nib, a Power adapter, and a USB-C to USB-A Power Cable. In addition, there is a TF Card Eject Tool and a Quick Start Guide to help you get started! So, master Kamvas Slate 10 quickly and with a low learning curve with the quick guide. The Android tablet is already out on sale, available at $249.00!

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