HUION Introduces Inspiroy Ink H320M: The First Dual-Screen Pen Tablet

The most awaited product of the year has been out! HUION finally launched Inspiroy Ink H320M that was in rumors since a long time. This tablet is a complete breakthrough for HUION brand as the features are just surprising amazing and unbelievable. HUION has shuttered all the outdated models with the launch of Inspiroy Ink H320M that boasts dual screen for the users. Isn’t it unimaginable?

HUION Inspiroy Ink H320M

Yes, Inspiroy Ink H320M has introduced dual-screen design in the tablet history. You can use the open tablet to unleash your creativity and doodle to LCD screen on the back for writing and other purpose. Although it has dual screens, the tablet is extremely lightweight and thin, which makes it handy, enabling customers to enjoy the outdoor and unlock their ideas on this amazing tablet. The tablet is available in two bright colors, which is Coral Red and Quartz Black. The LCD display is developed using E-paper technology that enables you to write down stuff you want.

You get the large workspace area for drawing seamlessly on the high-tech screen. Moreover, the battery-free PW100 pen of Inspiroy Ink H320M is workable on both the screens and enables you to take the immense pleasure on both sides of tablets.

There’s a coin cell battery in the in front, which works as a clear-all button the LCD side for users. You can enjoy the 8192-pressure sensitivity with the high-tech pen that also tilts in 60 degree, making your drawing experience impeccable. You can also embrace the personalized keys on the tablet to make your drawing experience more relaxed and fuller of fun. Surprisingly, the tablet also connects to Android devices, besides Windows and MacOS.

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