Caviar Launches Cyberpad: The Customized Edition of iPad Pro

On 23 July 2020, Russia’s exclusive accessories producer Caviar launched a customized Cyberpunk-style iPad Pro known as Cyberpad. This particular product is built from advanced tech materials attracting design and style enthusiasts all over the world.

The new Caviar Cyberpad features a yellow PVD coating along with hardened titanium and black carbon fiber. The technogenic forms along with relief edge and bright Cyberpad inscription adds to the exquisiteness of the product. Prevailing the Sci-Fi theme, the design also consists of titanium bolts and laser engraved unique plate numbers.

Globally famous for manufacturing limited edition products and redesigning models of Apple and Samsung smartphones, Caviar will be manufacturing only 99 copies of this exceptional iPad Pro product. Although, it is a normal iPad Pro 11 inside, the sturdy materials used for the coating the cover makes the product ultra-durable with exquisite design.

Exclusively inspired by Sci-Fi style art, the new Cyberpad features 1 TB memory. The product comes in two size variants. The 11-inch iPad Pro is available for US$7,650 and the 12.9 Inch iPad Pro is available for US$8,110. According to some reports, the product is available for credit purchase on the official website. It also comes with a 1-year service support warranty and free delivery option.

The Cyberpunk style started to cultivate towards the end of the year 2000. Today, this trend has strengthened its position with advanced Sci-Fi movies, games, and literature into our everyday lifestyle. This blend of biomechanics with technological triumph is starting to attract people all around the globe.

Observing the popularity and demand for Sci-Fi style products across the world, Caviar has introduced the cyber novelty based state-of-the-art iPad Pro. The company manufactured many other Cyberpunk-themed products in the past, such as the foldable iPhone Z concepts, flexible Overphone, and Kevlar iPhone 11 featuring fire, water, and frost resistance.

Caviar designers are now also exploring the popular multiplatform games themes for their products. According to some sources, the new Cyberpad was inspired by the characters of Mirror’s Edge, Deus Ex, Blade Runner, and the most awaited release of 2020 – the Cyberpunk 2077.

The limited-edition Caviar Cyberpad could be hard to lay hands on due to the limited availability and high-end price range. However, it has attracted much international attention and appreciation. Amongst the tech-savvy gamers and Sci-Fi fans, Caviar’s new launch appears to be a big hit.

With its sturdy built and unique design, the Cyberpad is a complete artistic product. Moreover, the inspired design of the Cyberpad has added to the excitement of the people waiting for the launch of the upcoming role-playing video game – Cyberpunk 2077 set to be launched in November 2020.

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