BOOX Devices Gets Third-Party Cloud Storage Integration with Latest Firmware Update

BOOX has recently released their latest firmware update and there is some great news for the tablet users. The brand has introduced a new feature update that now supports even more third-party cloud storage integration to streamline workflow and reading experience.

Previously, the BOOX tablets synced with a select few cloud storage services, including Boox Cloud, Evernote, Onenote, Dropbox, and Youdao. With the recent update, users now have access to OneDrive, Baidu Cloud, NutStore and a few other third-party cloud storage platforms.

The latest integration of third-party cloud storage services into BOOX devices offers a seamless and efficient solution for individuals and professionals who require adequate storage capacity to safeguard their valuable work.

With this enhanced functionality, not only will your important data stay secure, you also have effortless access to these files across multiple cloud-based platforms.

Which BOOX Devices are getting the New Update?

The version 3.2.2 update by BOOX is compatible with the newer e-ink tablets, including:

  • Tab X
  • Tab Ultra
  • Max Lumi2
  • Note Air2/Air 2 Plus
  • Nova Air2
  • Nova Air C
  • Note 5

With the new update, the compatible devices will not only get access to third-party cloud integration but also create TextNotes and a whole lot of other features.

What are the new Features with BOOX Firmware Update?

While the new third-party cloud storage integration is the highlight of this firmware update, there’s a lot more in the equation to look forward to.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Google Drive and other third-party cloud storage support

boox devices gets third-party cloud storage

BOOX tablets previously offers access to a few cloud storage integration, including Boox Cloud, Evernote, Onenote, Dropbox, and Youdao.

With the new update, users can now get access to Google Drive and OneDrive cloud storage integration too.

Every time a user exits their work on a notebook, a PDF format of the document will be stored in these integrated platforms. Having access to the “Cloud button” will make accessing these files a lot easier and from anywhere.

Text Notes / Word Processor

BOOX firmware update also introduced a new feature – Text Notes. If you are more comfortable using Word’s interface, the new update is curated in your best interest.

The layout and formatting features mimic the layout of Microsoft Word, instilling familiarity for the users. The update also enables users to integrate files, images, links, and even record voice notes for personal references.

The only downside is that the files created and saved on Text Notes aren’t compatible with the third-party cloud storage platforms. So, its functionality is limited to the device you are using and the BOOX ecosystem.

Links in Notebooks

Previous updates enabled the user to highlight important texts in the Notebooks. With the new update, the lasso selection tool makes highlighting and linking important texts in the Notebooks a lot more seamless.

Ways to Bind Third-Party Cloud Storage

With the latest features out of the way, the next factor worth considering are the ways to bind the third-party cloud storage for easy access.

There are two ways of doing that.

Via the library

  • Navigate to the Library from the device’s home screen.
  • On the top-right corner, tap on “Account”.
  • Alternatively, on the top-left corner, you can click on “Cloud Storage”.
  • From the list, choose your preferred third-party cloud storage platform.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete binding the platform.

Via Settings

  • Open Settings from your Home screen.
  • Then, navigate to Account.
  • Under that, select your preferred choice of third-party cloud storage platform.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the integration process.

And, that’s all. All the documents or work files that you create on your BOOX tablets will now be synced with your chosen third-party cloud storage platform.

How will the Users Benefit from Third-Party Cloud Storage on BOOX Devices?

Now, you must be thinking, “What’s new with these additional third-party cloud storage platforms?”

BOOX previously provided access to a few third-party cloud storage platforms but they weren’t the ones people use on a day-to-day basis. The new update offers integration with more common platforms like Google Drive and One Drive, which will streamline user experience further.

Some of the notable benefits with this new update include:

  • Download and open different files and documents using the third-party apps and NeoReader.
  • Sync the reading data more seamlessly on the third-party cloud storage.
  • Sync notes to the compatible third-party cloud storage platforms.

BOOX is urging their users to update their compatible devices to the latest firmware update to explore these new features and updates.

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