Apple Previewed iPadOS at WWDC 2019 – A Separate OS For iPads

Apple previewed iPadOS – a new name introduced by Apple, earlier this month to enhance the experience of iPad users ever than before. No doubt, iPadOS is built onto the same operating system, but is equipped with some influential capabilities and amazing features. Apple has strived hard to deliver something unique in terms of design, efficiency and capability with the all new iPadOS.

As compared to previous models, iPadOS has a large screen, which is redesigned with some great innovation to represent countless apps on single screen. You can easily add “Today view” feature to enhance your accessibility on the Home screen apps that include weather, calendar, events, helpful tips and a lot more.

The most intriguing part of the all new iPadOS is split view and slide over that was only available on Samsung tablets and smartphones. But now, even iPad users can work on multiple files, documents, within the same app all together and you can also switch to another app with Slide over seamlessly. Suppose, if you want to draft an email and change the song from the playlist you can easily do so with this feature.

A redesigned tool palette in iPadOS

Not only features are the limelight in Apple iPadOS, even the Apple pencil is tremendously integrated ever than before to boost the user experience. The Apple pencil is not restricted to writing or drawing, but it help you to mark or highlight web pages and drag that pages from one corner to send an email. More so, every Apple pencil has a tool palette within it, which is also revamped in the all new iPadOS, providing you the accessibility to shapes, color palettes, object eraser, a new pixel eraser and ruler to draw straight lines with great comfort and without any error.

You can access and manage your app files on iCloud drive which is also upgraded along with the model. Now forget about losing your crucial files and hassle of sharing as iCloud drive saves everything, allowing you to share these files with the people using the platform. More so, Apple also provides external drivers support through USB, SD card, etc.

In all the iPad versions of Apple, you’ll find excellent text editing features, but in iPadOS Apple did a tremendous job. Text editing on iPadOS is 50% smoother and faster, speeding up the communication process immensely. You can easily copy and paste texts, add textures and images on the smooth surface of the iPadOS.

This multitasking iPadOS is expected to be available next month as another team of Apple developers needs to perform some more testing because the company has been delivering groundbreaking gadgets, since its inception. So they always double-check every gadget and iPadOS is not an exception in this regards. Developers will report its final availability soon on the official website of the company. So stay tuned for more updates. And till now, do visit the official website of Apple to explore the features of iPadOS in-depth.

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