This Story Is Unavailable on Instagram: 11 Fixes

Instagram lets users catch up with the latest updates from the people users follow through mediums such as posts, reels, and stories. However, one might encounter the “this story is unavailable” on Instagram error while opening a story. This guide will show you how to fix it on your Android tablet, smartphone, iPhone, and iPad.

this story is unavailable on instagram

The IG story unavailable error can occur for various reasons. We have compiled all of them along with the fixes. Let’s get started.

Why Do Instagram Show This Story Is Unavailable

The following are the most common causes for this story is unavailable on Instagram:

  • Ensure a stable Internet connection: Ensure your internet connection is stable. Instagram uses a lot of data, and a weak connection might cause the story unavailable error message.
  • The Story is expired: You can only view an Instagram story for 24 hours. Once it’s expired, only the user who uploaded it can view it further. As for the others, they will be met with the story unavailable error on Instagram.
  • Story has been deleted: The user might have deleted the story. However, Instagram might forget to update it and will continue to show the story update circle over the user picture. However, when you try to view it, you’ll get an error message.
  • The story is expired: If the account is private, you need to follow it to see their stories.
why does it say this story is unavailable on instagram
  • Story is limited Close Friends: You won’t be able to view a user story and might see the story unavailable error if the users choose to show their story only to close friends. If you are not one of them, you won’t be able to see it.
  • User has hidden the story from you: Apart from limiting a story to Close Friends, users can also hide their stories from certain people. This time, you might be one of them.
  • Account has been deleted/deactivated: The user may have deleted or deactivated their Instagram account, but Instagram didn’t update it on your feed.
  • Instagram might have removed the Story: This is a rare occurrence. But Instagram will delete a story or post that breaks its rules. Maybe the story you are trying to view might have done something against the guidelines and had been taken down, and hence you end up seeing an Instagram story unavailable message.

Fix This Story Is Unavailable on Instagram

Now that we have covered all the main causes, let’s see how you can fix the story unavailable error message on Instagram.

1. Ensure to Have a Strong Internet Connection

One of the most common reasons you might see “This Story Is Unavailable” on Instagram is that you have a poor or unstable internet connection. This can prevent the app from loading the story properly and result in an error message. To fix this, you can try the following:

tab a8 internet browsing
  • Ensure you have a strong Wi-Fi or mobile data signal.
  • Turn off your Wi-Fi or mobile data and turn it back on after a few seconds.

2. Check if Instagram Is Down

Sometimes, the problem is not on your or the user’s end. You may get the “this story is unavailable” message if the Instagram server is not working. To check if Instagram is down or not, you can follow the steps mentioned here:

1. Open browser and visit Downdetector.

2. Search for Instagram and hit Enter.

From here, you can see if Instagram servers are down or not.

Apart from that, you can also use the direct link to check if Instagram is down or not.

Check if Instagram is down

3. Refresh Your Feed

To refresh the feed, simply tap and pull down the screen, then wait a moment or two for it to update. Once the refresh is complete, you can see if the previously unavailable story is visible.

To refresh the feed, simply tap and pull down the screen, then wait a moment or two for it to update. Once the refresh is complete, you can check to see if the previously unavailable story is now visible.

4. User Made the Account Private or Blocked You

Another possible reason why you might see “This Story Is Unavailable” on Instagram is that the person who posted the story has blocked you or made their account private. If this is the case, you cannot view their stories unless they unblock you or accept your follow request. To fix this, you can try the following:

blocked in Instagram
  • Check if you can see their profile picture and posts. If not, then you might have been blocked by them or they might have just made the account private, and removed you as their follower.
  • Try to send them a direct message or a follow request. Ensure to be respectful towards them. If they don’t reply or accept, they might have blocked you or made their account private.

Once you have confirmed that you have been blocked or removed from their followers, list them on their private account and are not ready to unblock or accept your follow request, respect their privacy, and don’t try to irritate them through any means.

5. You Have Put the User on Mute

Another common reason for encountering the “This Story Is Unavailable” error on Instagram is when you have muted a user’s account or if the user has muted you. With this, you won’t see the updates on Instagram. This includes stories, posts, and many more. If you have muted the user, here’s how you can unmute them:

Step 1: Open Instagram and visit the user profile.

Step 2: Tap the three dots at the top right corner and choose ‘Unhide your story.’

With this, you can unmute a user. However, if you are being muted (or doubt that someone has muted you), you can ask the respective users to unmute you.

6. Clear Instagram from Recents

You can also clear the Instagram app on both your iPhone and Android device. When you clear the app from recent, it can address the issue and potentially improve its performance when you relaunch it. Follow these steps to do so:

On Android

Step 1: Open the Recent Apps menu by tapping the Recent Apps button or swipe up from the navigation bar.

Step 2: Find the Instagram app in the list of recently used apps.

Step 3: Swipe left/right/up/down or tap the ‘X’ icon next to the Instagram app to force quit.

remove the story from recents

On iPhone

Step 1: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the app switcher.

Tip: For iPhone models with the Home button double press the Home button.

Step 2: Find Instagram app preview in the app switcher.

Step 3: Swipe up on the Instagram app preview to force quit.

7. Force Quit App On Instagram

To resolve the issue, you can force quit the Instagram app on both your iPhone and Android. Here’s how to do it:

Note: The name of this option and its position may vary on different Android devices and versions.

Step 1: Open Settings > tap App > choose Manage apps.

Step 2: Select Instagram and choose Force stop.

Step 3: Tap OK to confirm.

8. Log Out and Login From Instagram

When you log out from your Instagram account, the app may remove certain cache files, including those that could be causing the error. Upon logging back in, Instagram initiates a fresh session, resulting in an error-free feed.

Step 1: Open Instagram > tap your profile > choose the hamburger menu at the top.

Step 2: Choose ‘Settings an privacy.’

Step 3: Tap Log out.

Note: You might be required to scroll to the bottom page.

Step 4: Choose Log out again to confirm.

9. Check for Updates

Instagram always conducts experiments with new features to keep its huge userbase active. However, introducing new features comes at the cost of occasional glitches or technical problems, leading to errors like ‘This story is unavailable’ on Instagram.

When such issues are identified, Instagram promptly releases updates to address them. Therefore, you should ensure you are using the latest version of Instagram. You can check the links for your device to see updates.

Check Instagram update for iPhone

Check updates for Instagram on Android

You will see the Update button on the same app page if there are any new updates. Tap Update.

10. Clear Instagram App Cache on Android

Caches play a vital role in speeding up app loading times by storing certain settings and data in the device’s local storage. However, as time passes, these cache files can accumulate and have a negative impact rather than a positive one. Therefore, it is advisable to clear them periodically to maintain optimal app performance.

Step 1: Open Settings > tap Apps and choose Manage apps.

Step 2: Choose Instagram and tap Clear data.

Step 3: Select Clear cache and tap Ok to confirm.

11. Switch Accounts

While it may sound funny, some Instagram bugs, such as ‘This story unavailable,’ are limited to specific accounts, and if you have a spam or backup ID (we know you do ;), check if you can view the story on Instagram. Keep in mind that you were able to access their previous stories without any issues. To switch Instagram accounts:

Step 1: Open Instagram > tap and hold on your profile picture icon in the bottom right corner.

Step 2: Choose the account of your choice.

choose the account type

If you don’t have another account, you can add a new or existing one. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Instagram > tap profile and choose the hamburger menu at the top right corner.

Step 2: Tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner and choose Settings and privacy.

Step 3: Scroll down and choose Add account.

Step 4: Choose between:

  • Log into the existing account: Just add the existing credentials.
  • Create new account: Add a completely new account by following the steps.

FAQs on This Story Is Unavailable on Instagram

1. Can you block someone from seeing your Instagram story?

Yes. For that: tap the upper-right corner > select ‘Settings and privacy’ and choose ‘Hide story and live.’ Here, pick the people you wish to keep your story hidden from. Once done, tap the upper-left corner to confirm.

2. What does a red circle mean in Instagram?

A red circle on Instagram around the profile picture of a username indicates that the individual has shared a fresh story that you haven’t yet viewed. You can tap on it to view their story, which will then transition the red circle into a gray.

Don’t Feel Left Out From Viewing Any Stories

Instagram is an amazing platform to connect with your friends and other members of your close circle. However, with issues such as ‘this story is unavailable on instagram’, you might be unable to view their story updates.

If that was annoying you, we hope this guide helped you solve them. However, if you still have the issue, You can contact Instagram support and request support.

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