Samsung Unveils T5 Evo Portable SSD with up to 8TB Capacity

Samsung Unveils T5 EVO Portable SSD

Samsung Electronics recently launched the portable Solid State Drive (SSD) T5 EVO. It’s a weightless device that offers around 8 TB of storage; the massive storage space is present in the SSD market for USBs.

The system is reliable for people searching to move from HDDs to SSDs. Including this, the T5 EVO opts for robust functionality in a flexible & appealing design, making it perfect for people who want to save & access folders, photos, videos, and more.

The latest portable drive provides immaculate speed, highly durable & reliable features over external HDDs that fit compactly into your hand. Grab around 8TB storage region with around 3.8x quick sharing speed compared to external HDD storage.

Samsung’s Sr. Director of Memory Product Marketing Jose Hernandez explains, “It’s been recorded that over 1 trillion images are clicked globally yearly with an overall aggregate of 2,000+ pics on smartphone devices alone. It indicates that many audiences have widened their memory space choices to protect their finding moments such as videos & photographic content. The T5 EVO model offers the most reliable option – with a naturally made storage region of 8TB on the higher side, which negates the demand to erase older images from your system to store the latest pics. Also, the system-based portable model assists you in sharing your data wherever you wish, rather than connecting with your desktop version.”

Amplified Features

The T5 EVO has a sleek rectangular design that traverses from the regular card-based model for the 1st time ever. It weighs around 3.5 ounces & ranges from 3.74*1.57 measures in size. The T5 EVO is available in black color with a titan greyish ring design, enabling a premium & tender appearance that seamlessly assists various models & hosting systems.

Samsung T5 EVO

It gets quickened up to any luggage with its metallic ring. Apart from that, its metal design & rubbery external surface offer additional security over massive drops of around 6.5 feet. Hence, your folders can sustain a few blips & bruises when life goes along.

Storage Facilities

An 8TB T5 EVO model can save over 2 million photos of 3.5 MB, 1.8 million music files of 4 MB & 3.5K videos of 2 GB quality. When transferring files from one system to the T5 EVO or the other way round, the device offers concurrent R/W that quickens around 460 Mbps & withstanding ability is doubled when compared with SATA-oriented portable SSDs.

The T5 EVO is compact for users with an extensive array of OS such as macOS® & Windows®. It also applies to host systems, like PCs, smartphones, tablets & gaming devices. The T5 EVO also presents you with the Samsung Magician app software, which offers reliable drive management options, including reality drive health monitoring, original authentication examination, performance-based standards & firmware version upgrades.

The T5 EVO from Samsung Electronics has been launched into the global marketplace at You can pick your desired retailers with the manufacturer-based suggested retail prices (MSRP) that range around 189.99 USD for the 2TB model, 349.99 USD for the 4TB model, and 649.99 USD for the 8TB version. The T5 EVO model has a Type-C USB cable & an assured limited warranty for 3 years.

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