Samsung May Launch Galaxy Tab S6 and S5 at Galaxy Unpacked 2019 New York

Samsung is a renowned brand that has delivered top-notch devices every time across the globe. This company has come up with great innovative gadgets that have revolutionized the entire market. Every year Samsung launches their flagship product with some extra comfort and enticing features for customers. This brand has its own loyal customer base that truly praises the company and their services. Not only the products, but you could find customer service centers in every corners of the world, which makes it stand apart.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Models

  • SM-T860
  • SM-T860X
  • SM-T865
  • SM-T865N
  • SM-T867
  • SM-T867U
  • SM-T867V
  • SM-T867R4

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 Models

  • SM-T727A
  • SM-T727U

Recently, there has been a speculation that Samsung is planning to launch Galaxy Tab S6 that include model numbers – SM-T860, SM-T860X, SM-T865, SM-T865N, SM-T867, SM-T867U, SM-T867V and SM-T867R4. More so, it will also launch Galaxy S5, which is SM-T727A and SM-T727U. Now you might be wondering how we predicted these model numbers. Well, Samsung has registered these models for Wi-Fi on 10th July 2019 that has been listed above. And as per our sources, this time Samsung will give a breakthrough with these tablets as the features are expected to be outstanding and devices will be quite affordable.

We cannot assume that these tablets will be for cheap market, it could be a part of mid-range tablets. However, you might be curious about features as this is what defines a tablet, but Samsung have not relieved anything on the same. Still, we can assure you that the tablet has Android operating systems, yet versions are not disclosed. More so, Samsung may launch these two tablets at the .grand event in New York 2019 and unpack the items there.

We will keep you updated on the latest trends in the tablet market, enabling you to make right decision while choosing one for yourself.

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