Samsung introduces Bespoke Jet Bot Combo

Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot Combo

Samsung will unveil a new vacuum cleaner series with enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) at the forthcoming CES 2024 tech expo in Las Vegas. The Bespoke Jet Bot Combo is still under development- a vacuum and mop robot cleaner with advanced AI functions and steam cleaning for a simpler cleaning experience.

This cutting-edge technology includes AI-powered capabilities and smart networking for an “easier cleaning experience.” The Bespoke Jet Bot Combo scans and identifies various things with a 3D sensor and adjusts its cleaning efforts appropriately.

It can recognize and categorize mapped locations, such as the living room while proposing no-go zones like bathrooms or entrances.

Boasting Advanced, AI-Based Features

The Bespoke Jet Bot Combo has improved AI Object Recognition and improves the variety of items it can detect, allowing for more precise driving.

The vacuum cleaner can now distinguish between space and stains to give consumers an improved cleaning experience. When a stain is found, it returns to the clean station to heat the mop pads with high-temperature steam and water before returning to the area where the stain was identified.

Its vigorous spinning mops at 170 RPM can aggressively scrape away even the most stubborn stains. As a result, very effective autonomous cleaning occurs, reducing user participation in various situations.

Second, the new model can detect the kind of floor owing to a new function, AI Floor Detect. It identifies and categorizes mapping regions such as a living room and a kitchen. It automatically proposes creating “no-go zones” such as the bathroom, balcony, or entryway to ensure the robot vacuum avoids these areas. It recognizes hard surfaces and carpeting and automatically increases suction force for optimum cleaning.

Using a technology dubbed AI Floor Detect, the model may even detect the kind of floor to give better cleaning. It recognizes between hard floors and carpeting and then automatically increases its suction force to suck up deep-lying dust in carpets.

It also helps to keep users’ carpets from being wet and polluted by filthy mop pads. When the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo identifies a carpet, it decides whether to elevate the mop pads or remove them at the clean station to give an enhanced anti-cross contamination solution.

Introducing an innovative vacuum cleaner series

Bespoke is a Samsung concept that attempts to produce home appliances that are strikingly attractive and show the user’s distinct taste. Bespoke by Samsung is a range of refrigerators, microwaves, and now vacuum cleaners intended to be a part of a person’s home décor, expressing their aesthetic choices and components of identity.

The vacuum cleaners, which come in ultrachic Bespoke designs, guarantee flawless cleaning sessions and up the stylish factor of indoor areas.

“I’m elated to unveil our innovative vacuum cleaner series for 2024, the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo, which elevates our modern AI technology to enhance usability much more easily,” said Moohyung Lee, EVP and Head of the Customer Experience Team of Samsung Electronics’ Digital Appliances Business. “With powerful cleaning as the foundation, the new robot cleaner advances the consumer cleaning experience with innovative features.” We are confident it will make cleaning more fun for our consumers.”

Lastly, the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo is concerned with every detail of the cleaning process. The clean station provides a three-step Total Cleaning System for mop pads, including auto wash, steam cleaning, and auto drying with hot air. It sprays steam on the mops after washing them with hot water heated by high-temperature steam to avoid smells, allowing for better sanitary maintenance.

CES 2024 participants can get hands-on with the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo at the Samsung booth.

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