RealMe’s Sub-brand Dizo Teases its Upcoming Product

Netizens were awe-stricken when the news came out that the company that has entered the market as Oppo’s sub brand now has an AIoT sub brand Dizo. What’s more surprising is that RealMe’s Dizo launched its first product a few days ago. And now Dizo is teasing its new product which looks like it’s a feature phone.

Dizo’s mission is to work as a brand that specifically focuses on smart homes, accessories, smart entertainment, and smart care under the RealMe ecosystem. Also, the brand is boasting AIoT experience in its future devices.

AIot is a combination of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and IoT(Internet of Things). With RealMe’s entry into the smartphone world in 2018, the company clearly showed that they are going to be one of the best tech giants of the future. RealMe got an overwhelming response when they released their first series of smartphones.

Well, talking about their teaser poster, it shows a phone with a rear camera plastic housing. From the shape of the phone, it’s quite clear that the device is a feature phone and not a smartphone. There’s more explanation to this theory.

The company has recently registered its 2 new products for FCC( Federal Communications Commission) certification as Dizo Star 500 and Dizo Star 300. And looking at their technical specifications, it’s quite clear that the device is either a Dizo star 500 or Dizo Star 300.

The Dizo Star 500 will have an 1830 mAh battery, 2G connectivity, dual SIM, and microSD card support. Whereas the Dizo Star 300 has comparatively a smaller screen but will have a 2500 mAh battery. The rest of the specifications are the same on both devices.

However, as per the FCC registration of both the devices, the back of these phones has a logo of Dizo printed on it. But in a teaser, the phone doesn’t have any branding done on the backside. The back of the phone is a plain black surface with the rear camera plastic housing.

This can be because Dizo just doesn’t want to break the suspense or maybe they’ve updated the design. Well, whatever it is but it’s likely to be Dizo’s new feature phone; either the Dizo Star 500 or Dizo Star 300.

Let’s have a quick look at what Dizo has already launched. Their first products are Dizo Wireless and Dizo GoPods D. Its first two products fall under their mission of the ‘Smart Entertainment’ category. That being said, the probable upcoming feature phone will be of the same category.

The products seem to be a rebranding of RealMe products but they are launched under the Dizo brand. The brand is dedicated to innovation and using the constantly changing yet the best of tech in their products. So we are guessing that Dizo will have an array of products under the same category with different price points.

Moreover, Dizo is ready to launch its new sporty Smartwatches. The point to be considered here is how Dizo is going to stand out as a separate brand so well. Their Dizo Wireless and Dizo GoPods D are not using a significantly different and better technology than most brands including RealMe. The Dizo smartwatches are believed to be quite similar to RealMe watches.

We are yet to witness the real power of Dizo and their AIoT products for Smart Home and Smart Care. The answer lies in the future. As there is a wide range of tech Dizo is aiming to use in products apart from smartphones and accessories.

To exactly identify what Dizo’s monopoly products can be, we have to see more products and tech they use. After all, if only similar products like their earphones keep rolling out, Dizo will become a rebranding company of RealMe.

Maybe Dizo will surprise us with something different with the teased feature phone; a slight hint we all are looking for.

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