MSI Unveils New AI Server Platforms at SC23 with Liquid Cooling Feature

MSI Unveils New AI Server Platforms at SC23 with Liquid Cooling Feature

The prominent worldwide server manufacturer and seller – MSI is portraying its modern GPU & CXL memory servers with extended versions powered by AMD EPYC & 4th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors. These are optimized for enterprises, data centers, and firms at SC23 destinations available at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver on booth area #1592 from November 13-16, 2023.

MSI is famously known for its advanced AIoT solutions such as IPCs, robotic apps, graphics cards, vehicle infotainments, laptops, servers, motherboards, monitors & much more in more than 120+ countries across the globe.

According to the General Manager of Enterprise Platform Solutions, Danny HSU, “The surmounted growth of human & machine-based data requires elevated data center functional performance. Liquid cooling has grown as a key factor in meeting this requirement. MSI’s server platforms provide a highly supportive hardware base for advanced data centers. They are tailored to certain workloads, amplifying performance & on par with the liquid cooling phenomenon.”

Customized GPU-based features

MSI displays a wide range of GPU platforms starting from 4-8 GPUs, focusing on the HPC & AI-oriented markets. The G4201 is a 4U-based supercomputer that can fit around 8 double-wide PCIe 5.0*16 spaces for impressively performing GPU cards and 2 single-wide PCIe 5.0*16 expansion grooves.

Being powered by dual 4th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors & 32-bit DDR4 DIMMs, the G4201 offers incredible heterogeneous computing skills for various GPU-oriented scientific computing with impressive performance, Generative AI & inference apps. The device also elevates 12 drive bays of 2.5 inches for leveraged functioning.

The G4101 is a 4U-based device created for AI inference computing workloads. It assists a standalone AMD EPYC 9004 ranged processor with a liquid cooling process, 4 PCIe 5.0 triple space for GPU cards, 2 PCIe 5.0 max height extensive slots, providing 12 DDR5 RDIMM slots, & 12 frontend 2.5-inch U.2 NVMe drive bays.

On the opposite spectrum, the G3101 is a 3U single-socket platform that can fit around 4 double-wide PCIe grooves for 8 DDR4 DIMMs, professional GPU cards & 6 toolfree of 2.5 inches. Being started by a sole AMD EPYC 7003 ranged processor with a built-in liquid cooling function, the G3101 platform stands apart as an ideal computing workhorse for data centers & renowned enterprises.

Advanced CXL Memory Servers

MSI is all set to launch 2 Compute Express Link (CXL) memory-expanding servers – the S1301 & S2302. It has been exclusively designed for data-oriented workloads & in-built memory storage areas.

The 1U server platform known as S1301 assists dual-socket AMD EPYC 9004 version-based processors, 10 PCIe 5.0*8 E3.S CXL drive bays, offering 24 DDR5 DIMM grooves & 2 PCIe 5.0*16 storing spaces. With the added benefit of CXL memory, this platform can expand the overall memory capacity to around 11TB without opting for external memory drives.

Meanwhile, the 2U server platform S2302 has been installed with dual-socket 4th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, 32-bit DDR5 DIMM storage spaces & 5 PCIe 5.0*16 memory slots. It consists of 8 E3.S CXL drive bays, including ES3.S PCIe 5.0 SSD slots of 2 pieces. This device can amplify its memory capacity to around 12TB without going for additional space externally.

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