Lenovo Smart Tab With Amazon Alexa To Launch Later This Year (2018)

Who would have thought that you could literally get almost all of your work done with the help of single voice command? But it’s 2018 and nothing is impossible, especially in the world full of technological wonders. Amazon recently created one such wonder. The launch of Amazon Alexa shattered all the boundaries to make people’s life much easier and fun. Alexa is basically Amazon’s cloud-based virtual assistant software that provides voice-activated services which can be availed, not only on Amazon devices but also on non-Amazon third-party pieces of hardware.

Lenovo Amazon Integration

Such technological progression is also executed by Lenovo, as they announced the first ever tablet line with the integration of Amazon Alexa and its immersive Show Mode experience. Lenovo has always been known for its perfectly designed, beautiful-looking and versatile Android Tablets and other hardware but this announcement had undoubtedly taken the brand power to new heights.

The launch of, what they are calling as ‘Lenovo Smart Tab’ is directly targeted to the households, keeping in mind the pattern and duration of tablets being used at home by multiple family members. This collaboration between Amazon and Lenovo has definitely challenged the competitors’ of the similar segment by being one of the foremost brands to come up with the voice-activated tablet solutions for households. With the launch of Lenovo Smart Tab, it will become easier and “cooler” for the users to conduct day-to-day household activities. This device would let you easily and instantly connect to Alexa and manage your day to day tasks such as browsing the web, surfing videos and music, enjoying your favorite entertainment, getting information, checking news and weather forecast and even controlling your Smart Home just with some simple voice commands. It is also stated that the device can be synced and connected with your Smart Home to manage and control various household activities like switching the light, temperature, and security of your home.

Lenovo has also stated that along with these fancy features and the facilities that would come with them, Lenovo Smart Tab had pushed its limits to make sure that the families witnesses larger than life experience with its crystal clear high-definition screen and voice-activated speakers with far-field mics. This concept of combining the best of both the worlds by unifying both – the brain of Amazon Alexa along with the stunning and beautifully designed Android tablet would definitely prove to be a great helping hand for its users in and around the home and would definitely provide greater value to the households. Lenovo Smart Tab would no doubt expand possibilities and room for various experiments in the not so distant future.

Although the detailed specifications and the look and style of Lenovo Smart Tab are not yet revealed but there is no denying to the fact that the device is probably going to take over the entire tablet market as soon as it is launched. Until then, we can only make a list of all the things we would let Alexa complete on our behalf and wait for this mystery to reveal itself!

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