Leica Unveils the ZM 1 Gold Limited Edition at $28,000

Leica Unveils ZM 1 Gold Limited Edition Watch

A few months after introducing the new ZM 11 model to its watch lineup, Leica unveiled the first limited edition model based on its classic ZM 1 watch. The ZM 1 Gold Limited Edition is a variation of the original ZM 1 (previously the L1) that boasts an 18k red gold casing and a matching brown gradient dial treatment.

What’s unique?

According to Leica, the Leica Watch ZM 1 Gold Limited Edition is a “tribute to the rich Leica heritage of pioneering craftsmanship,” combining “two of the most prestigious metals, gold and titanium, into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.”

With a magnificent blend of gold and titanium, the rare watch pays homage to the brand’s first golden-edition camera, the IA Luxus, which debuted in 1929. The dual-metal casing is made of 18k gold 4N and high-strength Grade 5 Titanium, a material known for its robustness in the aerospace and automotive industries.

Leica ZM 1 Gold Limited Edition Watch

The ZM 1 Gold LE is a unique creation for the brand’s most passionate followers, limited to only 50 pieces. It preserves the original ZM 1’s functions but changes up the casing and dial for this warmer and more expensive coloring.

Whereas the normal model features a black dial with red accents and a steel casing, the ZM 1 Gold follows the Leica philosophy of reproducing an existing product in a particular material, especially gold and titanium (for the movement container).

A true masterpiece

The ZM 1 is a 41mm watch that offers time, date, a power reserve, and a specific feature for regulating whether you’re winding the power reserve or adjusting the time.

This feature is activated via a red-capped button beneath the crown at number three. When you hit the button, the motion stops, the seconds display resets to zero, and you can change the time by turning the crown.

A pusher above the crown advances the date, and there is a tiny aperture that is white while the watch is in winding mode (running) and red when the watch is in setting mode. Finally, the ZM 1 incorporates a power reserve that opens from the center, like the blades of a camera shutter.

The dial of the ZM 1 Gold has a specific color grade that creates a “sunburst effect” thanks to an outstanding brushing technique. The indices and hands are galvanized to match the case’s golden hue. The watch is powered by the Leica Calibre LH-100 1 movement, which was hand-assembled in Germany’s Black Forest by Lehmann Präzision makers and passed a thorough five-axis regulation test.

The design is completed with an alligator leather strap purchased from a certified farm in the United States and organically tanned at an Italian tannery. The timepiece is secured to the wrist by a butterfly clasp that matches 18k gold 4N.

Pricing and availability

Leica is no stranger to high costs, especially regarding watches, as a reputed luxury company that spares no expense when creating and manufacturing its products. The Leica ZM 1 Gold Limited Edition, on the other hand, establishes a new benchmark with a price tag of $28,000 or £24,000.

The 50 limited edition watches will be available through private, one-on-one appointments at select Leica stores in the United Kingdom, the United States, China, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, and Australia.

Given the success of the ZM 1 and 2 in the short time since they were released (in the spring of 2022), as well as the recent expansion of the Leica watch family via the new ZM 11, the ZM 1 Gold LE appears to be an obvious move from Leica that will work as a special offering for the brand’s most active collectors!

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