Harman Launches New JBL CLUB and Infinity Subwoofers

JBL Club WS1200

The extensive array of JBL gadgets & the Infinity Reference Subwoofers offer a striking range of audible bass that is highly efficient for your favorite mode of transportation. Whereas HARMAN Intl, a premium connectivity-based tech firm for consumer, automotive & enterprise markets – the JBL CLUB & Infinity Reference subwoofers have been revealed recently.

The 4 latest variants have a mix of deep, smacking bass output with high energy efficiency to provide more advanced sounding features in any transport-based audio device.

The latest subwoofers consist of 400W & 350W power handling with Selectable Smart Impedance (SSI). It enables users to choose one of 2/4 ohm settings designed specifically per their unique models. They are following bandpass box configurations that are completely sealed. Its subwoofers provide distortion-free throughput & enable incredible flexibility for installation as per the user’s choice.

Infinity Reference 1200S

“We at HARMAN proceed with advanced tech & modern design, customizing our products to suit different lifestyle models,” quips the Director of Aftermarket Audio at HARMAN – Mr. Shawn Spedding. “Our subwoofer variants tend to grow as we delve deeper into driving consumers with the latest & stylish approaches to witness their in-vehicle sounding experience.”

The multiple variants of JBL CLUB subwoofer versions are designed with an individual Poly woofer cone. They offer optimal audio quality while managing their original shape to avoid unnecessary distortion at peaking volumes.

The sleek & clean design contains a massive inverted dust cap combined with an old-school JBL orange cone for a naive pop of color variant & a slash range of patterns that creates a signature JBL Horn-type model. The Infinity Ref series subwoofers have 2-stacked magnets, providing the voice coil to portray exquisite sound at extreme audio levels.

An Infinity logo is inspired by radial texture with a copper-based Infinity Mobius model on the dust cap, enabling the latest subwoofers to have a brand-new style to accommodate perfectly any mode of transportation.

The extreme roll surround, parabolic-type dish cone, double-stacked magnets & lengthy excursion suspension offer unmatched bass & performance at this monetary value. The sleek model of the vented basket & JBL family-oriented aesthetics go hand-in-hand with a tinge of iconic JBL orange. The seamless push options make installation within minutes & the screw gasket overlap produces a well-balanced appearance.

The extensive features of the latest JBL include Selectable Smart Impedance (SSL), which offers a two/four-ohm impedance for both single & double systems. It has a high-roll rubber-based surround with superior cone edge suspension that elevates excursion to offer extraordinary linear stability & reliability.

JBL has transformed most fond memories of various people’s lives in terms of entertainment aspects like gaming, music, sports & daily lifestyle for more than 75+ years. JBL amplifies listening experiences with advanced audio output & futuristic product models that motivate individuality & self-inspiration.

With modern credentials & industry-based innovation, JBL is a pioneer in the audio domain due to its expert & passionate designers worldwide. JBL Pro Sound is the futuristic tech culture propelling through vital pop-based events & partnerships with the world’s expert talent groups across sports, music & e-sports.

Its vented basket model maintains voice coil and nominal temperatures during extreme output by ensuring extended reliable functionality. For handling massive power inputs, the value is 350 for 10 inches & 400 watts RMS for 12 inches in the double stack magnet. The latest JBL CLUB & Infinity reference subwoofers were launched in the market in late October 2023 with multiple variants that range from 159.95 to 169.95 USD.

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