Google Releases Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro: Updated Cameras and Sensors

google releases pixel 8 and pixel 8 pro

Google has its brand-new Pixel devices out and released, designed to provide users with a more personalized and productive user experience.

Designed with AI at the center, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are the first of its kind to be integrated with the Google Tensor G3 processor and will receive up to seven years of software update instead of the standard five years.

If you are intrigued with these new devices, their features, specifications and a stunning build with metallic finish for a premium look.

What’s New – Build and Construction

With the success of the Google Pixel 7 series, the consumers are curious to know what’s new in the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro in terms of design and build.

Besides sustainability, the new Pixel models also feature three color variants, a softer finish and a metallic body for optimal durability. There is a significant size difference between the two models.

  • The Pixel 8 is equipped with a 6.2” Actua display, which is slightly smaller than the Pixel 7, which was released last year. The display is 42% brighter than its predecessor too. The model is available in three color variants – Rose, Hazel and Obsidian.
  • Pixel 8 Pro, on the other hand, features a 6.7” Super Actua display and features the brightest display till date in the Pixel range. With an aluminum frame and matte glass back, the model is also available in three color variants – Porcelain, Bay and Obsidian.

One of the most unique features that has been added to the new Pixel 8 range is the temperature sensor on the back of the device to measure the temperature of different items and object.

What’s New – Camera Improvements

Pixel is hands down one of the most celebrated Android devices with polished camera settings and features. When comparing the camera improvements, there are a few things worth prioritizing.

google pixel 8

Pixel 8 features a similar yet updated camera settings for the main rear camera but it also features a new ultrawide lens with Macro Focus on the back.

google pixel 8 pro

Pixel 8 Pro, on the other hand, has a series of camera updates and improvements. The upgraded camera settings make capturing images and videos in low-light settings a walk in the park. The optical quality and the precision of the Macro Focus feature is also quite promising.

When talking about the camera app, Google has paid close attention to introduce new intuitive features and functions, including Pro controls that offer the users more creative control over the images they capture.

The Magic Editor feature that’s exclusive to Google Photos is another editing feature that’s going to escalate the editing experience to new levels.

Pair that with the Google Tensor G3 processor and the powerful data centers will surely make using the Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro a breeze.

What’s New – 7 Years of Update

This is the first time in Google’s history for a Pixel phone to be backed with up to 7 years of system and software update.

The combination of Tensor G3 with Titan M2 security chip prioritizes the security and privacy of the users, shielding the device against cyber-attacks. The updates will include software updates, security patches and new feature drops.

What’s New – Walkthrough of the Unique Features

Given that Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro is designed with AI at its centre, let us walk you through a few advanced technologies and features that will make multitasking a priority.

  • Summarize will enable users to generate a summary of the webpage to save time.
  • Pixel 8 series will support and understand human speeches a lot better. For example, if you say “um,” the device will wait until you speak the rest of the sentence.
  • Call screen will cut down spam calls by 50%, keeping you safe from fraud calls.

Pre-order and Pricing Details

Pixel 8 is priced at a starting price of $699 while Pixel 8 Pro has a starting price of $999.

Pre-orders are available on Google’s official website or via Google Fi wireless for securing some great deals. Consumers that pre-order today will also stand a chance to get a Pixel Watch 2 with the device.

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